Astrology and how it affects our daily life: Mercury into Taurus May 2019




Astrological Event:

Mercury Moves  into a new Sign

New Sign: Taurus

Date: May 6 2019 @ 2:25 pm (ET) 11:25 am (PT)

What does it all mean?

Mercury is all about the mind… how we think… he is also the messenger and therefore relates to how we communicate… He rules over transportation, technology and innovation… He is the ruler of the signs Virgo and Gemini and is associated with the 3rd and 6th houses.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and is connected to the 2nd house. Financial and Material security are very important to Taurus. 

  • We are more grounded and rely on our common sense over fantasy thinking.
  • Doing one thing at a time is preferable to trying to multi-task.
  • Communicating with others is more deliberate, rather than superficial. Some of us may need a little time to absorb new knowledge or new ways of doing things, as it’s much easier to rely on the tried and true now.
  • Being stubborn comes easier now, which can make this a good time to “stick to our guns” on the things that are closest to our heart… got something doing that needs that extra bit of a push or determination? now may be the best time to do it.
  • We can be more cautious and practical under this influence, especially when it comes to our finances or our primary residence. It could be a good time to look into purchasing that “forever home” as we can be sensible about our needs, while understanding the limits of our budget.
  • Take care not to be too opinionated, it’s easy to miss out on opportunity or knowledge, just for the sake of only “seeing” one choice or direction.  
  • This influence will affect everyone and will be stronger for those with the following in their charts:
  • Mercury in Taurus
  • Sun in Taurus
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Mercury in the 2nd house
  • Any Mercury/Venus aspects
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The Sun Moves into Taurus April 20 2019: Venus Moves into the sign of Aries

Child taurus Stock Vector - 15420411 Copyright : oxygen64
  • Sun Sign: Taurus
  • Element: Earth 
  • Ruled by: Venus
  • Connected to: The neck and Voice
  • Connected to: The 2nd house of financial and emotional security


Taurus Folk are, reliable, hard-working, dedicated and can be very, very stubborn… Don’t be fooled by their laid back manner and endless patience, they have a “stick to it” attitude that can out do the other signs, and they rarely ever quit once committed…

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, who is all about luxury, beauty and money…. So Taurus folk are likely to be attracted to fine  food, good drink and expensive material possessions…

Happy Birthday Taurus have a fabulous day and an awesome year ahead….

  • Special birthday wishes go out to
  • Nicole K,
  • Emma,
  • Jessie,
  • John K,  
  • Pat…
  • And to all who celebrate a birthday during this sign. 

Those most influenced under this sign change are those who have the following in their birth chart or who’s progressed chart has the following.

  • Sun in Taurus:
  • Moon in Taurus:
  • Venus in Taurus:
  • Planets in the 2nd house. 


Venus moves into the sign of Aries on April 20 at 12:11 pm (ET) @ 9:11 (PT) until May 16th. 

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra… Some fun times could be ahead in the romance department… but if you are looking for all sweetness and butterflies, you could be disappointed… Aries (ruled by Mars) is upfront and likes things happening in the moment… it’s not about what has gone before, but rather what is possible right now… Watch the budget, we could be prompted to spend impulsively now... 💖

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Astrology and how it affects our daily life: Mercury into Aries April 2019




Astrological Event:

Mercury Moves into Aries

Date(s): April 16 2019 to May 7 2019 (PT) April 17 2019 to May 8 2019 (ET)

What does it all mean?

Mercury is all about the mind… how we think… he is also the messenger and therefore relates to how we communicate… He rules over transportation, technology and innovation… He is the ruler of the signs Virgo and Gemini and is associated with the 3rd and 6th houses.

Aries is a fire sign, he likes action, he can be heroic or selfish. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the most masculine planet of the horoscope. 

  • We can have less patience, so some of us may get frustrated when attempting to get our point across to someone less enthusiastic to our cause. 
  • Speaking our mind is easier, but care should be taken when the conversation involves a “hot topic”. 
  • Some folks are going to expect instant answers to their queries and questions, or instant solutions, which may not always be possible. Patience is encouraged when dealing with situations requiring solutions or answers. 
  • Innovative ideas are possible. Under this influence our thoughts are explorative, so it’s a good time to ask questions and learn about things that may be interesting. 
  • It’s a great time to share ideas with like-minded folks. And for some it could be a good time to put some ideas into action. 
  • Communications, travel and technology may all take on a “hurried” sensation.
  • For fire sign people, (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and those who have fire signs in their charts, are encouraged to be careful while speaking, driving and using dangerous equipment… less haste, more care is suggested. 
  • While we may all be touched by the Influence of Mercury in Aries, those with the following chart placements will feel the influence more. 
  • Mercury in Aries
  • Mars in Aries
  • Sun in Aries
  • Moon in Aries
  • Midheaven in Aries
  • Ascendant in Aries
  • Any Aspects to Mercury
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Astrology: How it affects our daily life: Transiting Venus into Libra October 2018

The goddess of love in Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology). Stock Photo - 42947331 Copyright : Iurii Kuzo
  • Astrological Event: Transiting Venus in retrograde motion moves into the sign of Libra

  • Date: October 31 2018

What Does It Mean? 

  • Venus is the planet of beauty and money, She is the Feminine opposite to Mars
  • She rules Libra and Taurus
  • Venus and Libra are happy together, they get along, Venus understands Libra’s need for harmony and Libra enjoys the beauty of Venus… 
  • Relationship issues will go easier with Venus here, negotiations will be smoother and hopefully solutions can be found to ongoing relationship challenges. 
  • Some folks get engaged under this influence… 
  • If you are looking for professional advice regarding your money, an accountant should be able to point you in the right direction, although banking and investment issues, can, and perhaps should, be left until Venus visits with Scorpio… 
  • Compromises can be reached during this time, it doesn’t matter if everyone doesn’t see eye to eye on everything, pick out the things you can compromise on and make your changes there. 
  • Some folk may need to watch their spending habits now, it’s very easy to be swayed by all the sparkles and beautiful things out there… 🙂 
  • Watch out for the charmers, because they may be even more convincing now… works well for those who need to get noticed in order to move ahead with plans. 
  • Those in the entertainment industry and who have a Leo influence in their charts, may look even more beautiful than usual under this influence… getting a new role or two could be on the agenda… 🙂 
  • Everyone will be affected by this influence … However, folks who have the following in their charts will feel the “Venus effect” stronger: 
  • Sun in Libra
  • Sun in Taurus
  • Venus in Libra
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Venus in the 7th house
  • Aspects to Venus
  • Midheaven in Libra or Taurus
  • Ascendant in Libra or Taurus

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Astrology and how it affects our daily life… Pluto Turns Direct September 30 2018

Pluto Stock Photo - 10776560 Copyright : tang90246
  • Astrological “Event”: Pluto Turns Direct
  • Date: September 30 2018
  • Time:  @ 10:03 pm (ET) @ 7:03 pm (PT) 
  • Sign/House: Pluto is in the sign of  Capricorn in the 4th house. 

What Does This Mean…. ??? 

  • Pluto is the planet of Regeneration: Death: Destruction: Recycling: Sex and What has to happen: 
  • When Pluto is retrograde,  we tend to do some reassessment… looking back, reviewing and grieving. We begin to understand that what is lost is lost, but life must go on we can “see” how we have reacted to our losses in the past. Things that have been “hidden” may begin to bubble at the surface.Old wounds and past upsets may prompt wars and battles, resurfacing of old hurts promotes anger. This “coming back” to old issues and problems, no matter the pain or loss it may cause will continue to return at each Pluto retrograde until the issues have been resolved. 
  • When Pluto goes direct again as he is currently, we may well find we are “forced” or pushed towards making changes in our life. The reassessment we have been mulling over the past 5 months will need action. If we don’t act we will not resolve the issue and it will resurface when Pluto turns retrograde again. 
  • Capricorn is the sign of career, work and duty. She is “conservative” yet accepting. While she understands the importance of family she is more geared towards doing what she must, what is expected of her. Capricorn can connect with and to the older generation, she understands and respects what our elders have done for our future. 
  • With Pluto turning direct in the sign of Capricorn… Look for opportunities for promotion/raises in the work place. Be prepared for drastic changes in your job/career, keeping the chin up if it means you are without one for a while. If this happens keep a close eye out for the new job/career opportunity coming your way. 
  • This could be a good time to ask for a raise or let your employer know you are ready to take on more responsibility. 
  • If you have been waiting to make the move towards a new career direction, Pluto is ready to be assistance now. 
  • Be prepared for loss… Grieve, but know you must move on eventually
  • Partnerships and relationships may take on a new “look” … be open to changes in your partner. If a relationship appears “difficult” take the time out to find out why… perhaps it is time for a change(s). Be open to changes within your current relationships. 
  • Secrets and Desires will be at the surface… however, Capricorn is disciplined so hopefully we will allow her to discipline us to when and how and which secrets/desire are given attention. 
  • The 4th house: Some folk may experience sudden changes or progress in the home. This could mean a change of residence, a change in decor or plans being made for major renovations. “Out with the old and in with the new” … 
  • While we will all be affected to some degree as Pluto turns direct those with the following in their charts will be affected the most: 
    • Sun in Scorpio
    • Sun in Capricorn
    • Pluto in Scorpio
    • Pluto in Capricorn
    • Ascendant in Scorpio
    • Ascendant in Capricorn
    • Mid-heaven in Scorpio
    • Mid-heaven in Capricorn
    • Pluto in the 8th house
    • Pluto in the 4th house
    • Aspects from the Sun to Pluto
    • Transits Sun/Pluto
    • Aspects Moon/Pluto
    • Transits Moon/Pluto

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From our inbox to you, From DailyOm on “Energetic Sweeping”

Energetic Sweeping


Sweeping the front porch every morning is an important cleansing ritual that prepares the ground for new energy.

In some of our lives, sweeping has become an activity performed without much thought. In many cases, sweeping is a lost art, replaced by the noisy, efficient vacuum cleaner. But in several cultures and religions, sweeping the front and back porch every morning is regarded as an important cleansing ritual that prepares the ground for new energy on every level–physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It is often employed to sanctify a space and prepare it for a ceremony. This seemingly simple action has the power to clear away the old and make space for the new. It stirs up the energy in a place, clearing out the astral buildup that is the natural by-product of the presence of humans.

This kind of sweeping is not about cleaning the area of dust. In fact, the broom doesn’t have to actually touch the ground to be effective. You might want to consider having two different brooms, one you use for cleaning dust and dirt, and one you use for energy clearing. If you are so inspired, you could decorate your broom by carving its handle, painting it, decorating it with gemstones and ribbons, or any other creative adornment that appeals to you. You can also make your own broom out of tree branches and twigs, or choose a naturally appearing broom from nature, such as a pine bough.

Sweeping each morning prepares the ground for the new day at the same time as it deepens our awareness of the importance of letting go of the past to welcome the present. As we clear the energy of our space, we clear our own energy systems. In addition, we create a space that feels clean, clear, and open to all who enter. Be sure to think welcoming thoughts as you sweep, manifesting what you need for the day. Making sweeping part of our daily ritual tunes us into the continuing cycle of releasing the old and welcoming the new that is the hallmark of a healthy energy system.

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Making Magic in Your Garden
By Patti Wigington

The garden can be one of the most magical places in your life. As spring approaches, let’s look at how to plan, create, and grow your magical garden, as well as ways to create specialty gardens, herb plots, and more!

Garden Folklore and Magic

The very act of planting, of beginning new life from seed, is a ritual and a magical act in itself. To cultivate something in the black soil, see it sprout and then bloom, is to watch a magical working unfold before our very eyes. The plant cycle is intrinsically tied to so many earth-based belief systems that it should come as no surprise that the magic of the garden is one well worth looking into.

Plant a Magical Moon Garden


A lot of people don’t realize you can grow plants and flowers that bloom at night. Cultivating a moon garden is a great way to get in touch with nature, and it provides a beautiful and fragrant backdrop for your moonlight rituals in the summer. If you plant these lovelies close to your house, you can open the windows and take advantage of their aromas as you sleep.



As spring arrives, our gardens begin to bud and eventually bloom. For hundreds of years, the plants that we grow have been used in magic. Flowers in particular are often connected with a variety of magical uses. Now that spring is here, keep an eye out for some of these flowers around you, and consider the different magical applications they might have. 

Magical Flower Correspondences