Happy St. Patricks Day… “Top of the Mornin’ to you” :) FREE Mini Tarot Card Reading :)

SGC Admin: REMINDER FOLKS… Our St. Patrick’s Day free give away ends on April 17 …. You have until midnight of April 17 2017 to send us an email to: astrostar61@hotmail.com for your FREE 3 (or more) card Tarot Reading…


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Everyone is a little Irish on March the 17th… 🙂 Raise a glass or two … and may good fortune follow you where ever you go …

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AND just because we can and in honor of our Irish roots (honestly at least one of our staff is “half Irish”)… SGC staff are offering A FREE mini Tarot Card Reading consisting of 3 to 6 cards (recent past, present and near future)… 🙂

  • This FREE mini Tarot Card Reading is only available until April 17th 2017:
  • FREE mini Tarot Card Readings will be done as they are received and completed as time permits.

How to get your FREE reading…

  • Send us an email to astrostar61@hotmail.com
  • In the Subject line put St. Paddy’s Day Free Reading
  • Include: Name reading is for: Date of Birth for person the reading is for: Email address for the person the reading is for.

Tarot Card Readings

Email Us 🙂 astrostar61@hotmail.com

We offer 3 different types of readings as follows: All prices are in Canadian dollars and include applicable tax’s. 


Gives you a 3 card (or more) mini reading, looking back at the past,

knowledge of the present and a glimpse of what may come. 


Using 9 cards or more: General or Question reading.

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Using 12 to 21 cards or more: General or Question reading.


The $12:00 and up readings are more detailed and can take a longer time to interpret.

Sometimes there isn’t a lot of information available to interpret and this usually indicates life is moving along pretty smoothly,  and may indicate a time where the client will be doing work on their personal growth.

We Accept payment by: Cash: Money Order: Pay Pal: 

Contact us to order your reading or if you have any questions: 🙂

Thank you, we appreciate your business and encourage your comments and feedback. ☺