Global Youth Climate Strike September 27 2019…

SGC Admin: The following information is from an email we recieved from The David Suzuki Foundation… we are sharing, because we believe this is the MOST important issue our planet faces today…
We do not own this world, we are but temporary visitors to it… and just as we take note to be respectful to any home we visit, we MUST take note and act on being respectful to planet Earth… She is not only our home, but also the home of many, (birds, wildlife, oceans, trees, plants etc) who cannot speak out against, march or protest against our destruction of their home… 😦 
The global climate strike is upon us.

This is going to be big…Have you been inspired by Greta Thunberg and the millions of young people who have taken to the streets in recent months as part of the #FridaysForFuture climate strikes? So have we. And now, the biggest global day of action yet is upon on.This Friday, Sep. 27, is your opportunity to be a part of the biggest climate mobilization ever by taking to the streets for the global youth climate strike.

These kids know we have just one shot – that ‘there is no planet B.’ Let’s show them we hear the message loud and clear.

Find an #EarthStrike to attend or host your own

Ready to join the global Earth Strike on September 27?

Here are some ideas to get you involved, inspired and creative.

  • Find out if there’s an event in your workplace or community. RSVP if there is one. Initiate your own if there isn’t.
  • Invite everyone you know. Numbers are key to making this a success. Welcome people into the climate movement and show them how inclusive and fun we are. When sharing on social media, Use #EarthStrike #FridaysForFuture #GlobalClimateStrike
  • Make signs and art to bring to the strike.
  • Get a group of friends, family, co-workers and/or neighbours to make creative signs and artwork. Help make the strike beautiful while conveying important messages.
  • Get inspired by doing an image search of “climate protest signs”.
  • Volunteer to help by contacting local organizers.
  • Have conversations about climate disruption and why this strike is important to you.
  • Let’s get the whole world talking!
  • Connect the climate strikes to the federal election. Make sure people at the strike also get out to vote in the October election. Print these little slips and distribute them at the event to encourage people to vote.

Belonging to this global network of passionate, caring people is so rewarding and purposeful, it’s bound to help lift your spirits in the face of these global challenges.

Join us on Sep. 27!

Sincerely,Jodi Stark
Climate Change and Clean Energy Public Engagement Specialist
David Suzuki Foundation

Astrology: How it affects our daily life: The Sun Moves into Virgo August 23 2019:

Virgo: Earth: Feminine: Mutable:

Portrait of light brown haired girl representing Virgo zodiac sign Stock Vector - 35595805 copyright:kakigori

The qualities of Virgo encourage her to be steady and sensible yet flexible when the need arises…

  • Virgo sees detail everywhere, all those little things that are so incredibly important to the smooth running of a home or a business, Virgo is onto them… However, because she craves perfection she can be overly critical not only of others but of herself too… this can push Virgo’s to work harder and longer then some of the other signs, but may also create upset as nothing may seem good enough…

  • Happy to help and assist others, Virgo people are happiest when they feel needed and are kept busy, they have a fabulous down to earth, logical outlook on life and can put things in perspective for others… Great at trouble shooting..

  • Virgo’s love to keep lists and they need organization somewhere in their life to help them feel balanced.

  • Personal hygiene may be important to some Virgo’s. Other’s may have good intentions but may not always find the time to follow through. Looking after one’s self through diet and exercise may be high on the agenda.

  • Virgo’s are advised to watch for a tendency to worry, especially over health issues, or for a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills. 😉

  • Many Virgo’s can be found working in the health field.

Birthday background with cartoon colorful balloon and birthday cake Stock Vector - 35862794 Copyright : Teguh Mujiono

Happy Birthday wishes go out to the following folks  & to all celebrating a Virgo Birthday...

 Eva, Norm, Dayle, Cal, Dezi, Kenneth

On the cusp: (Leo/Virgo: Virgo/Libra)

David, Beanie, Joe 

SGC Admin: 🙂  SGC offers astrology charts, horoscopes and astro readings... great gift ideas … 🙂 If you do decide to choose one of the above as a gift… they take us a while to complete so order in good time to be ready for that special day…. We recommend a couple of months in advance, longer would be ideal … 🙂

copyrite: Greta McKenzie Astrology August 26 2019: 

SGC Admin: From our inbox to you; from Dawn James… Costa Rica Wellness retreat’s 2019

SGC Admin: Ladies and Gentlemen… Introducing to you, 🙂 fabulous all inclusive wellness retreats in Costa Rica for 2019. 

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Registration closes August 18th

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Mastering Balanced Living
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Join Dawn and Betty and learn to master the The Six “F’s of balanced living: Family, Friends, Fitness, Finances, Fun, Faith


Honoring YOU: Self-Care Retreat
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Pause, breathe, relax, and remember how to honor and take care of yourself. Give yourself permission to accept and enjoy the magical energy of Costa Rica and ignite your passion for self-love and self-care.

Join Conscious living teacher and Light Worker, Dawn James, and Holistic Therapist, Roseanne de Beaudrap, in serene and tropical Costa Rica, for a week of life-changing experiences and self-discoveries.


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FREE Summer Events Town of Whitby: Movies in the Park 2018

Free Movies in the Park… Whitby… July 13, 27: August 10,24 2018 

 illustration cinema device with reel and film Stock Vector - 9945757
Copyright : Alexandra Yurkina

source: Whitby This Week:July 13 2016 Edition.
  • Location: Whitby Civic Park, 30 Bassett Boulevard
  • DATE: August 10: Space Jam
  • DATE: August 24: The Greatest Showman
  • Time: 8:30 pm: Movies begin at dark, exact movie start times will vary throughout the summer

For more information please go to or call 905.430.4310 🙂

2018 Whitby in Bloom GARDEN TOUR



  • Event: 2018 Whitby in Bloom GARDEN TOUR
  • Date: Saturday July 21
  • Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • What’s it all About: “Enjoy a free tour of 10 gorgeous gardens”
  • Fee: “In Lieu of a fee, non-perishable food items will be collected for a local food bank”
  • More Information: