• Please keep in mind that it takes some time to do any horoscope or chart, so if you would like the product by a particular date… Please let us know at the time of ordering. 🙂 

Natal (Birth) Chart $50 or $67   

  • For the $50 to $55 option you can choose between an emailed copy ($50) of your chart or a printed copy.($55) We print the copy and tie it together ourselves. This can either be picked up or mailed (postage to be determined at time of order and will be added to the $55 option).
  • For the $67 option you can choose to have a printed copy with a cover photo and back page. We use staples to print the chart, photo and bind the “book”. If you would like your order mailed to you, postage will be determined at time of order and will be added to the $67. 
  • Each Natal Chart Includes a laminated copy of your birth chart drawing, and a personalized interpretation of the “pieces” that go into making each of us unique individuals. 
  • Our Natal Chart helps us to find and understand our positive/negative traits and encourages us to work with them so we can be the best we can be.
  • Chart drawings/calculations  are computer generated: Interpretations are people generated. ☺

Progressed Charts: $50 to $55 

Progressed Charts use the information from the Natal Chart to peek into the future allowing us to see when it’s the best time for our unique person to apply for a job, study, start an exercise program, when it’s best to avoid certain situations, when we may need to vigilant about our health, or rest and relax. Chart drawings/calculations  are computer generated: Interpretations are people generated. ☺

This product can be emailed to you. ($50 option)

This product can also be mailed ($55 option) via Canada Post. (postage price determined at time of order and will be added to the $55)

Astro-Reading (A): $60 to $65: 

This unique reading combines your horoscope for a 6 month period (daily, month by month) and a tarot card reading for a 6 month period.  

  • The emailed Option $60 Your Astro-reading is emailed to you, and you are encouraged to print it out and keep it handy for daily/weekly/monthly reference.
  • The Printed Option $65. We print and tie your astro-reading for you.
  • Mailing Option: If you would like your reading mailed to you postage will be determined at time of order and added to your total.  
  • Pick up Option: We encourage you to pick up your order, we will meet you at a prearranged time at the Whitby Mall. By choosing this option you can also choose to pay with cash and save on postage. 

Partial Charts with horoscope

Personal Horoscopes: 

The above horoscopes are emailed to our clients, and we suggest printing your reading out for easy access whenever you may be. 🙂  

  • Please add $5 to your order if you would like us to print it and tie it together for you.
  • If you would like your order mailed to you, postage cost will be determined at the time of ordering and added to your total. 

  • Payment Options: Cash, Pay Pal, Email Money Transfer
  • Cash payment is accepted at  pick up.   
  • A Pay Pal invoice will be sent to you at the time of your order.

Contact Us @ astrostar61@hotmail.com

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