SGC Admin: We have a few items for sale and are happy to share items for sale from other small business folk… 

Send us your best offer…. we are open to your best offer… so if you see an item you like but aren’t too happy with the price, send us an email with your suggested price and we will negotiate happily… 🙂

All pick ups are made at the Whitby Mall (Thickson road and hwy 2) 

We accept payment via: Email money transfer: pay pal: cash or money order.

Please visit our other site: here to view product available for sale.  

Please Click Here to email us.

isolated 3d rendered gift on white background with glittering sale symbol coming out of it Stock Photo - 23670582 Thomas Reichhart

One thought on “Product For Sale

  1. Hi Folks, thanks for stopping by our products page… If you see something you like, but feel it’s priced out of your range, please send us an email with what price is in your range and we will gladly work with you to help your purchase come about… Come and visit this page often as we will be updating with more product in the near future…


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