About Us…

 SGC or Serenity’s Gift Cove is an offshoot of our physical store front Serenity. 

Serenity was a place folk could come and hang out, have a tarot card reading, browse and (hopefully) purchase our products and take advantage of the fabulous work shops, meditations and healing circles that would take place each week or each month.

We made many friends during our time with Serenity, and lots of fabulous people, who like us were just trying make it through the day… Some are still with us today and are valued and honoured members of the SGC “family” 🙂

After almost 3 years we had to close the doors on our store. 😦 Our next step was to go on-line with serenityonline.ca…Which lasted for a few years, until unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we had to let that site go. If we wanted to keep doing what we enjoy doing we had to come up with a new one. We wanted very much to keep the name Serenity. 

That’s when SGC, or Serenity’s Gift Cove came about… we had help picking the name, thanks Margaret (one of our SGC “family”)… 🙂 As we began to use just the initials SGC when talking about the site, it suddenly hit us … Serenity’s Gift Cove is SGC…

Now anyone who is a sci fan likely knows what SGC is… 🙂 Most of the SGC team are Sci Fi “people”, and Stargate is one of our favourite all time sci fi shows.  Stargate is the name of the show and Stargate Command (SGC) is where the orders come from 😉 Guess when a name is right it’s right… 🙂 

Besides offering free advertising for local business, sharing events, emailed tarot readings and astrology charts SGC also offers product for sale and are happy to link you to other fabulous sites giving you a unique rang of gift ideas… 



SGC Admin Greta McKenzie: On the subject of Astrology 🙂 I have long been fascinated with this subject and with what makes humans tick (the two seem to go hand in hand). I am self-taught, and the subject is a life long study, happily  I learn more with every chart I am blessed to do.☺  

Astrology charts are a great gift idea for the parents of new-born babies, it is unique and isn’t usually duplicated as a baby shower gift☺. And because a Natal/Birth chart is the “blueprint” for our personality, it can be a wonderful guide to the new parents helping them to get to know their babe and enabling them to see how they can help this new person be the best that they can be.

Please email us for more information…

Payment may be made via pay pal, cash, and or money order.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Greta

    Love this site. Let me know how I can be a part of this and be a link on this site. I also have a word-press site so you have reminded me to get back to it again.

    Thanks for all your help


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