From our inbox to you from DailyOm on “Uniting in thought and action” a circle is more than just a circle… :)

SGC Admin: From our Inbox to you from DailyOm on “Uniting in thought and action”

July 20, 2016
Uniting in Thought and Action
The Power of the Circle by Madisyn Taylor

When we are in circle with others

the energy stays contained within the group giving back to all. 

There are many reasons for why a gathering of people in a circle is powerful. A circle is a shape that is found repeatedly throughout the natural world, and it is a symbol of perfection. We recreate this perfect shape when we join others to form a circle.

Being in a circle allows us experience each other as equals. Each person is the same distance apart from the next participant, and no one is seated higher than or stands apart from others in a circle. From tribal circles to the mythical round table of King Arthur, the circle has been the shape adopted by gatherings throughout history.The circle is acknowledged as an archetype of wholeness and integration, with the center of a circle universally understood to symbolize Spirit – the Source.

When a group of people come together in a circle, they are united. This unity becomes even more powerful when each person reaches out to touch a neighbor and clasps hands. This physical connection unites thought and action, mind and body, and spirit and form in a circle. Because a circle has no beginning and no end, the agreement to connect in a circle allows energy to circulate from one person to the next, rather than being dissipated into the environment.

Like a candle used to light another candle, the connection with spirit that results when one person joins hands with another is greater than if each person were to stand alone. People who take part in a circle find that their power increases exponentially while with the group. Like a drop of water rippling on the surface of a pond, the waves of energy produced in a circle radiate outward in circular motion.

While one person may act like a single beacon that emanates light, a circle of people is like a satellite dish that sends out energy. There is power in numbers, and when the commitment is made by many to face one another, clasp hands, and focus on one intention, their circle emanates ripples of energy that can change the world.

A Full Moon with Strings Attached

SGC Admin: Full Moon in Capricorn July 19 2016: Thanks to Sarah Fuhro for this fabulous write up…:)

Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

‘The World is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.’

W.B. Yeats

Jelly fish moonAs the full Moon rises on Tuesday evening, she brings with her powerful planetary energies. If you have not felt this on a personal level, you can see it reflected in the world in general.

The choice seems to be about how we respond to fear, soul by soul, and as a woven tapestry of humanity.

Every culture has stories of the terror we hold for our own dark impulses.   In this chart we have the very unpredictable planet Uranus, who loves excitement, who demands truth from each of us, who is electrical, magnetic and full of brilliant observations holding the reins across the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Uranus was discovered during the French Revolution, and reflects that tumultuous time. He overturns the apple cart.  Uranus is in Aries, the fiery entry point of the ecliptic…

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July Horoscopes 2016

SGC Admin: Whoops, I know we are half way through the month… but these fabulous horoscopes by “Readings by Yerevan” were just too good not to share…:)

Readings by Yerevan


Here are the horoscopes, as published in Sonoma County’sUpbeat Times:

Aries (March 19th – April 19th)

We know that you’re no shrinking violet but that doesn’t mean you are always sure of yourself.  You could experience some amazing opportunities to confront your fears and jump out of your comfort zone this month. Your energy levels are high and may lead you to new and exciting terrains. Loved ones might feel that you are moving too fast or far away, so try to explain your intentions as clearly as possible. Your career may also undergo transformation.

Taurus(April 19th – May 20th)

Things that have appeared foggy for a few weeks clear up this month. A romantic or familial relationship could take a turn either for better or worse, but ultimately what is indicated by this is a growing need to follow your…

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FREE Summer Events Town of Whitby: Movies in the Park 2016

Free Movies in the Park… Whitby… July 15 and August 12 

 illustration cinema device with reel and film Stock Vector - 9945757

Copyright : Alexandra Yurkina

source: Whitby This Week:July 13 2016 Edition.
  • Location: Whitby: Willow Park 50 Willow Park Drive.
  • Sponsored ByTrafalgar Castle School & Whitby Orthodontics
  • Date: August 12 2016
  • Movie: The Angry Birds
  • Time: 8:15 pm
  • Location: Whitby: Brooklin Optimist Park: 50 Watford Street.
  • Sponsored by:  Trafalgar Castle School & Whitby Orthodontics
  • Date: August 14 2015
  • Movie: Zootopia
  • Time: 8:30 pm

For more information please go to or call 905.430.4310:)

Music in the Park series 2016: Whitby and Brooklin

SGC Admin: Music is good for the soul and just seems to go with the warmer weather…:) So if time permits come on out and listen to the “Music in the Park” 2016 season.. 

Bandstand for playing music in public park in Canterbury Kent UK Stock Photo - 16970418 Claudio Divizia

Location: Whitby:  Rotary Centennial Park: 800 Brock Street South

Dates: Wednesdays July 13 through to August 24 2016: (July 13, 20,27: August 3, 10, 17, 24)

Time: 7:00 pm to

Admission: Free:

***Please Note***: This is an outdoor event, please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. Always be prepared for rain…


Location: Brooklin: Grass Park, 41 Baldwin Street, Brooklin

Dates: Thursdays July 14 through to August 25 2016: (July 14, 21,28: August 4, 11, 18, 25)

Time: 7:00 pm to 


***Please Note***: This is an outdoor event, please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. Always be prepared for rain… 

For either location please contact the following with your questions or comments.

905 430 4310

source: The Whitby Perspective


Thanks for your patience…

SGC Admin: Thanks to all the new SGC followers… we really appreciate it…:)

And now we share some not so good news… :( Some of you may have noted we have been behind in our postings since May 22.

Due to very sad circumstances beyond our control our time and energy has been directed elsewhere… We thank you for your continued patience as we move through this time, and we hope to be back with our SGC family by the end of July…:)


Jeff and I with Tiffany the Pom…. Vermont August 2014


On May 24 2016 our family was changed forever. Our dearly beloved brother-in-law passed away suddenly on his way home (10 minutes away) from work due to a heart attack, .. Jeff was 53 years old.

Our family and especially his wife Michelle, are wading our way through the “journey of grief”…. it is a challenging journey.

Michelle is being so incredibly brave, she has been worried about how others are feeling, she doesn’t want anyone  to be sad… We cannot love her enough, she is amazing..
Heart, Dove, Silhouette, Love, Luck, Abstract

Lessons are everywhere, especially in the loss of a loved one:

  • Life is very, very short:
  • Being nice to each other isn’t a weakness, it’s the way we are meant to be:
  • Money can buy you happiness, but it’s your attitude that helps you to keep it:
  • Going to the doctor for check ups doesn’t mean your heart won’t give out without warning, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, instead be aware of your body and the signals it gives you:
  • Do what makes you happy in life to the best of your ability:
  • Expect nothing, from anyone or anything, however, hope springs eternal ;):
  • Be responsible for yourself always: 
  • Everything is just so f—ing ridiculous:
  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff”
  • Each Day is a new day, it’s another chance to love, laugh and live well, each new day will never come again:


Mars goes Direct

Mars is the “masculine” planet… he can be agressive and impatient, but he can also be our hero…. those with personal mars influences in their chart are the folks that help things happen… however, as good as they are at starting things, they aren’t always that great at finishing them…:) … thanks for the article Planet Blast…

Planet Blast

June 29, 2016. Mars is about to go Direct after 2 months of retrograde motion. It is at 23 degrees of Scorpio although it started its retrograde in Sagittarius. Mars will slowly pick up speed  and get to the degree it was at when it went retrograde (9 degrees Sag) on Aug 22. In your own chart look for these degrees: 23 Scorpio, 23 Taurus, 9 Sagittarius, 9 Gemini. Mars can trigger planets or important points in your chart at the above degrees.

To know your Mars is to know how conflict arises in your life. Basically Mars has a 2 year cycle. It will come around to the same degree it was at when you were born every 2 years. You could call it a Mars birthday. In one year Mars will oppose your birth Mars. Example: birth Mars in Scorpio is opposed in a year when Mars is…

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