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03/27/2017: F.M. Writes…

Thank you ever so much for your amazing reading, Greta! So accurate, so detailed, so insightful, so straight to the point! I love your no-nonsense yet sensitive approach and your clarity. I’ll definitely come back to your site. I’m very glad I met you.

SGC Admin: Thanks for trusting in us to read for you F.M… 🙂 we look forward to hearing from you again… much luck to you in your search… 🙂

03/07/2015: C.M. Writes…

Thank you so much, as always I am intrigued and excited with my (tarot) reading. Wonderful insight my dear friend 🙂

SGC Admin: As always it is a pleasure to read for you C.M…. we appreciate your continued support and friendship… 🙂 

11/26/2014: I.H. Writes….

Thank You Greta, for my Tarot Card Reading. The date was so accurate when I had to a lot of changes in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading my report and I will definitely have another report done. Thanks again.

SGC Admin: Thank you I.H. for taking the time to write your review of our services, we are happy you were pleased with the result 🙂 .. it was a pleasure reading for you and we hope we can assist you again with your upcoming order… 🙂  

09/03/2014: Sugar My Skin Writes….

Thank you so much Greta and team! Hope your summer was wonderful and lots of memories have been stored away in your hearts! I will be contacting you soon… 

Love and Light… 

SGC Admin: Thanks SMS for your kind words…  hoping you too have made some fabulous memories this summer…

Sugar My Skin is health care for your skin… check out their website …

07/25/2014: T.T. Writes….

I received my personalized astrology reading from Greta yesterday. My reading was insightful to say the least. My reading went into depth on things like who I am as a person, my strengths and weaknesses, my health, and my relationships. My reading was spot on! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Another aspect of my reading that I really enjoyed was the subtle personal advice. My reading really spoke to me as a person and spoke right to my soul. There are things I know I need to overcome and my reading helped me understand that. Greta is knowledgeable in her field of astrology and the universe. I will definitely continue to rely on her for my readings.

SGC Admin: Thanks T.T. very glad we could help… 🙂 

 05/27/2013: M.W. Writes… 

I have just had my first Astrology reading curtsey of Greta. And am left wondering why I have never had one before. It is so informative….so supportive… and very uplifting …. It has explained many things that have happened in my life…….. it has helped me accept the situation I am currently in and accept I have to let time pass to take me out of the phase I am in…….. and put me on a very positive motivated pathway ….Thank you again……

SGC Admin: Thanks M.W…. wishing you a positive journey ahead… 🙂

01/13/2012: C.C. Says….

Hello, Thank you very much for mentioning our company. We will be launching a new website & advertising campaign in march. I will keep you in the loop & share info then. Were going to link SGC’s site from ours asap. Many thanks… Chris. @ The Free Metal Pick-Up 905 706 3285 905 427 2445

SGC Admin: No worries C.C. glad to help spread the word… 🙂 

12/10/2010: J.M Welcomes SGC…. 

Hello Greta Love this site. Let me know how I can be a part of this and be a link on this site. I also have a word-press site so you have reminded me to get back to it again. Thanks for all your help

SGC Admin: Thanks J.M. Hope your website is doing well and business is booming… You do great work… 🙂 

J.M. website is: 

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