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SGC Admin: Mark Townsend is a “Priest” a magician and an author… He began his journey of divination in the Church of England… However, Mark, being a curious man, wasn’t sure if he was in tune with the Church… And so, he spent time with Druid Priests and folks from the Pagan way of life… He was intrigued, and realized that religion and spiritualism are different things… So thus, began a different journey for Mark…

Mark performs weddings and funerals, among his other spiritual duties… Members of the SGC family have experienced Mark’s kindness and professionalism, and met Mark for the 1st time, when he took care of, and led the funeral service for our dear brother who passed away in 2017. Mark’s kindness will never be forgotten.

As an author, Mark has several books published, and he is excited to present his latest book, and his first fictional piece:

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“The Traitors Child”

“Radical new mystery thriller. A modern twist on an ancient story –

The Moon and Astrology: How it affects our daily life…Transiting Moon in Capricorn (2). Samhain: Halloween:..October 2019

Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

  • Date: October 31 2019 @ 10:38 pm (ET) 7:38 pm (PT)
  • Moon Sign: Capricorn
  • Moon Phase: 1st moves
  • Void-of-Course: November 2 (PT) @ 10:46 pm: November 3 @ 1:46 am (ET) until Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd : Capricorn Moon v/c is not one of the 4 “good signs”
  • House(s): 3rd house of Siblings and day-to-day activities:
  • Opportunity Period: None

What does it all mean?

  • Capricorn is business, duty and discipline. She is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions. 
  • We may be more in tune with our work/career or vocational direction.
  • Change may be more challenging to deal with, and we may be resistant towards it… 
  • Dealings with the elderly may be in focus. 
  • Dealings with “authority” types, such as teachers, principles, supervisor’s may be in focus. Being respectful of such positions may help to alleviate tension. 
  • If you have been waiting to get a “chaotic” situation under control, now may be a good time to do it. 
  • Rules and regulations may be in focus, and depending on how you deal with these, it could be a favorable time or a stressful one. 
  • Good time to watch, listen and learn: 
  • We may find we are looking at our “worth” now, including the salary we get paid.  
  • In the 3rd house… some of us may feel the need to be around our siblings… or it may be that a situation calls for a sibling get together… whatever the reason enjoy being with your sisters, brothers and cousins… it may be a busier few days, with lots of errands to be run and shopping to get done… perhaps even a trip to the local gym is on the agenda too. The 3rd house placement, may be positive for business and career communications… If you have a presentation to put forward, it should go fairly smoothly… 🙂 
  • The moon in Capricorn may be good for: Buying Antiques: Buying for speculation: Collection on debts:
  • This moon sign will have more of an effect on those who have the following in their charts. And those who have a strong Gemini or Cancer placing in their charts. 
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Sun in Capricorn
  • Saturn in Capricorn
  • Sun in Gemini
  • Moon in the 3rd house
  • Any aspects to the Moon or Saturn

October 31st is Halloween... a joyful time for kids and parents alike, watch out for the “ghosts and goblins” on the streets and crossing the roads, they will be too busy with the task at hand to be watching for traffic… 🙂 

October 31 is Samhain a Gaelic, Pagan and Wiccan traditional “holiday” … where feasts are enjoyed, as is dressing up to “scare away” the mischeavious spirits and to welcome the spirits of loved ones to join in the feastivities. 

Today is also the day that Mercury turns retrograde… Please refer to our post of Monday October 28th, search “mercury retrograde”

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  • In astrology, the moon is connected to our emotions and reactions… how we are feeling on a given day may well be influenced by the sign that is visiting the moon… Each sign stays with the moon for up to 2.5 days…. 🙂 

The Moon Void-off-Course: 

  • There are times throughout the month when the moon isn’t fully immersed in any sign… this is when we say the moon is Void off Course… and when this occurs, we may feel “foggy” and “unfocused” … We may not be sure how we are truly feeling about a situation or a person…. Therefore it is not recommended that we make long-term commitments or important decision’s while the moon is Void off Course…. However there are 4 signs in the zodiac which may prove positive during the Void-off-Course moon… 

Good for Void-Off-Course Moon:

  • These v/c signs may prove to be quite productive times.
  • Cancer
  • Taurus
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces…

Opportunity Periods  (thanks to astrologer Jim Shawvan):

  • There are other periods throughout the month that are known as opportunity periods, when it can prove to be a positive time for most people, however if you have challenging aspects happening within your own chart you may not be able to make use of opportunity periods. 
  • Thanks to Jim Shawvan present day astrologer, William Lilly 17th century astrologer and Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide for opportunity periods.
copyright:Greta McKenzie Astrology october 25 2019

Astrology and how it affects our daily life: The Sun Moves into Libra September 2019: & Mabon and the Fall Equinox

Illustration of libra zodiac sign as a beautiful girl. Vector illustration.. Isolated on white. . Isolated on white. Stock Vector - 24674891
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : Varvara Gorbash

Astrology Event:

  • Sun Moves into the Sign of Libra: 
  • Date: September 23 2019
  • Time: 3:50 am  (ET) 12:50 am (PT)
  • Element: Air Sign (A thinker: Can see both sides of the story: Intellectual: Harmony in relationships important: Fairness/Justice important: Enjoys beauty in all it’s forms… Dislikes “ickyness” and rudeness.
  • Negative or Positive: Positive (masculine)
  • Quality: Cardinal Sign (capable of adjusting to change and/or putting down roots)
  • Ruled by: Venus, the planet of beauty and money

Those born under the sign of Libra will exhibit some of the following traits. Our day-to-day living will also be “shadowed” with these traits for the next month. 

  • A strong need for balance
  • A desire for justice
  • Diplomacy
  • Hesitation
  • Difficulty in making commitments or long-term decisions, some Libra’s also find choosing what to wear a challenge. Libra or not, we may all find it more difficult to make up our mind this month. 
  • May be happiest when in a relationship or partnership. Indicating this may be a good time to begin one. 
  • Co-operation (most of the time). An ideal time to make plans with others. 
  • May exhibit low self-esteem
  • May exhibit aggression or “black moods” 
  • Usually delightful to look at. May be a good time to improve our appearance and surroundings. 
  • Not happy in negative or “messy” situations
  • May be great at bargain hunting, but should watch for “obsessiveness” in this area
  • May enjoy creative pursuits and decorating the home. 
  • May “sit on the fence” 
  • May do well in aesthetics, Hair dressing, working in the law profession, in mediation, interior design, any position that requires good manners, co-operation and interaction with the public. 
  • Born September 22 to October 3rd  = Virgo/Libra
  • Born October 4 to October 12  = Libra/Libra
  • Born October 13 to October 23 = Libra/Scorpio
  • Male and Female Libra’s may exhibit different  Libra traits
  • Relationships that may work well. Libra usually gets along (on the outside anyway) with all the zodiac signs. However, they may do better in the following relationships:
  • Libra/Libra (they can understand each other most of the time, but may have trouble making decisions):
  • Aries/Libra (these are opposites signs on the zodiac wheel and can help to improve each other, although Libra may not understand Aries lack of sensitivity and Aries may not have much patience with Libra’s hesitations or thinking too much. 

Happy Birthday card with girl and cake Stock Vector - 42298588
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : blueringmedia 

Happy Libra Birthday 

Dayle, (V/L”cusp”) Dustin, Belle, Caron, Angela,  Bev, Marie, Gary, Susan

and to all who celebrate this zodiac birthday. 

Also on this day: 

    • Mabon: Wiccan/Pagan Holiday Please Click here to see our post:
  • Fall Equinox: Summer is officially over and Fall officially begins (Northern Hemisphere) click here to see our post: 

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From our inbox to you from: Patti Wigington & Making Magic in Your Garden

Making Magic in Your Garden
By Patti Wigington

The garden can be one of the most magical places in your life. As spring approaches, let’s look at how to plan, create, and grow your magical garden, as well as ways to create specialty gardens, herb plots, and more!

Garden Folklore and Magic

The very act of planting, of beginning new life from seed, is a ritual and a magical act in itself. To cultivate something in the black soil, see it sprout and then bloom, is to watch a magical working unfold before our very eyes. The plant cycle is intrinsically tied to so many earth-based belief systems that it should come as no surprise that the magic of the garden is one well worth looking into.

Plant a Magical Moon Garden


A lot of people don’t realize you can grow plants and flowers that bloom at night. Cultivating a moon garden is a great way to get in touch with nature, and it provides a beautiful and fragrant backdrop for your moonlight rituals in the summer. If you plant these lovelies close to your house, you can open the windows and take advantage of their aromas as you sleep.



As spring arrives, our gardens begin to bud and eventually bloom. For hundreds of years, the plants that we grow have been used in magic. Flowers in particular are often connected with a variety of magical uses. Now that spring is here, keep an eye out for some of these flowers around you, and consider the different magical applications they might have. 

Magical Flower Correspondences


SGC: From our inbox to you; “Celebrating the Sabbat, March 20 By Patti Wigington”




Celebrating the Sabbat, March 20
By Patti Wigington

Spring has finally arrived! March has roared in like a lion, and if we’re really lucky, it will roll out like a lamb. Meanwhile, on or around March 20th, we have Ostara to celebrate. It’s the time of the vernal equinox if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s a true marker that Spring has come.            There are many different ways you can celebrate this Sabbat, depending on your tradition.

May your Sabbat be a magical one!

Rituals to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Depending on your particular tradition, there are many different ways you can celebrate Ostara, but typically it is observed as a time to mark the coming of Spring and the fertility of the land. By watching agricultural changes — such as the ground becoming warmer, and the emergence of plants from the ground — you’ll know exactly how you should welcome the season. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying — and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.

Setting up your Ostara Altar: Try these tips to set up your altar for the Spring Equinox.
Ostara Altar Photo Gallery: Be sure to check out some of our readers’ photos of their Ostara altars – and find some inspiration!
Ostara Ritual for Solitaries: This simple ritual is designed with the solo practitioner in mind.
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Chocolate Rabbit: This fairly ridiculous Ostara rite for kids is silly fun for the whole family.
Ostara Rebirthing Ritual: Celebrate the season of rebirth and renewal with this rite.
Ostara Labyrinth Meditation: This meditation ritual will help you with some problem solving during the Ostara season.
Earth Meditation: As the earth begins to warm back up, use this meditation to help get yourself grounded.
Celebrating Ostara with Kids: Got little Pagans? Here are some great ways to include them in your Ostara celebrations!

Ostara Customs and Traditions
Interested in learning about some of the traditions behind the celebrations of March? Learn why St. Patrick hated snakes, and why the Easter bunny brings eggs for us to eat!
Ostara History: The vernal equinox has a long magical history. Here’s how it’s been celebrated through time.
Deities of Ostara: Meet some of the gods and goddesses associated with the spring equinox.
Spring Equinox Celebrations Around the World: Pagans aren’t the only ones celebrating this time of year – here’s what the rest of the world is doing!
Who was Eostre?: Was Eostre really an ancient goddess of spring?
Matronalia, March 1: The Romans celebrated an early version of Mother’s Day at the beginning of March.
Easter Eggs: Pagan or Not?: Are Easter Eggs secretly Pagan?
Can You Really Balance an Egg on the Equinox? Have you ever heard about balancing an egg on the equinox? Let’s look at the science behind the rumor.
Beware the Ides of March!: The Ides of March were an unlucky day for a certain Roman emperor.
St. Patrick and the Snakes: There’s a lot of speculation on whether or not the snakes were a metaphor for Pagans – did St. Patrick really drive them out of Ireland?
Pagans and Lent: Should Pagans give things up for Lent, just because their Christian friends and family members are?

Ostara Crafts & Recipes

As Ostara rolls in, you can decorate your home (and keep your kids entertained) with a number of easy craft projects. Start celebrating a bit early with a St. Patrick’s Day Snake Wreath or a basket of naturally-dyed eggs. If you’re thinking about planning a feast, be sure to check out these recipe ideas!

From our inbox to you from Patti Wigington on Imbolc Rituals & Ceremonies

Imbolc Rituals & Ceremonies

Depending on your particular tradition, there are many different ways you can celebrate Imbolc. Some people focus on the Celtic goddess Brighid, in her many aspects as a deity of fire and fertility. Others aim their rituals more towards the cycles of the season, and agricultural markers. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying — and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.

If you’re one of our readers below the equator, be sure to scroll down for information on rituals celebrating Lammas, or Lughnasadh, coming up at the beginning of August!

Patti Wigington
Paganism/Wicca Expert

Setting Up Your Imbolc Altar  It’s Imbolc, and that’s the Sabbat where many Pagans choose to honor the Celtic goddess Brighid, in her many aspects. However, other than having a giant statue of Brighid on your altar, there are a number of ways you can set up for the season. Depending on how much space you have, you can try some or even all of these ideas! READ NOWLike usPin us

Rituals for Imbolc  

Imbolc is fast approaching, so now’s the time to start planning your rituals. Whether you’re celebrating as a solitary or in a group, you can try these to welcome the season.

Honor Brighid at Imbolc – Group Rite
Imbolc Candle Ritual for Solitaries
Say Farewell to Winter – Family Ritual
Imbolc End-of-Winter Meditation
Imbolc Initiation Ceremony
Imbolc Re-dedication Ritual
Brighid’s Crossroads Divination
Imbolc Cleansing Ritual Bath
Imbolc House Cleansing Ceremony
Fire Scrying Ritual

Prayers to Celebrate the Imbolc Sabbat  If you’re looking for prayers or blessings to celebrate the sabbat of Imbolc, here’s where you’ll find a selection of original devotionals that bid farewell to the winter months and honor the goddess Brighid, as well as seasonal blessings for your meals, hearth, and home. Feel free to adjust or modify these prayers as you need to, in order to fit the themes of your own magical tradition and beliefs.

For Southern Hemisphere Readers: Lammas Rituals  Looking for rites and rituals for your Lammas or Lughnasadh celebration? Here’s where you’ll find ways to celebrate the harvest, honor the gods of the fields, and pay tribute to the Celtic god Lugh.