Monday, October 10, 2022 is Thanksgiving Monday in Canada.
Like most people around the world, the last couple of years have been challenging. And for many, the challenges are still not over. While, most of the mandates regarding the C19 situation have finally been dropped, there are others that remain. Such as in the case of University of Toronto, Western University and there are rumors that nursing staff, and other public workers are also still being coerced into taking the “medication”.

It is a controversial matter for sure, and it has been made unnecessarily complicated by politicians and main stream media, the bottom line is however, People have the right to choose what goes into their bodies, and no one in Canada, should ever have been coerced (forced) to take an experimental medication for a virus that was not as dangerous as we had been led to believe. No one in Canada, should ever have been discriminated against, segregated or disciplined for being hesitant about saying yes to a medication, without being educated to the risks vs benefits through informed consent first. But that happened in Canada, a country world renowned for her inclusion and acceptance of everyone who chooses to live here or who is born here.

Many, good, kind and hard working Canadians have suffered needlessly, but they have fought back, and continue to do so, by contacting our politicians and the ministers involved in the “handling” of the covid crisis, by marching in protests, and finally by taking those responsible, including employers to court.

And so, this Canadian Thanksgiving, as we once again can enjoy it in the fashion we have been used to, not only do we give thanks for the goodness in our lives, we give thanks to all those who have fought in this battle, we send strength to those who are still having to fight, and we put out to the Universe the hope that the light will continue to shine brightly, and that it will continue to mute and dissipate the darkness that seems to have blanketed the whole earth during the last few years.

We also send healing and good thoughts for recovery to all those affected by Hurricane Ian.

Have a fabulous Turkey Day in however you may celebrate it.

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