Happy New Year…. Let us Welcome the new decade 2020 and take stock of our behaviour on our planet… :)

Thank you so much for following us in 2019 and for all the years, we truly appreciate it and it gives us that little push to keep on going… 😉

As we look towards a new year and a new decade, it’s a good time to ask ourselves, are we helping our planet or harming it… ? Our lives, are a mixture of nature, people, material and sometimes spiritual… What we do each day while living our lives, affects the “whole”….

2019 saw a huge movement towards awareness, the awareness that our human “needs” has created a planetary crisis. For some, this was not new news, we have been aware for over 30 years of the damage our human exsistance was doing to our world. And now the crisis has come to a head…

We thank all those who fight this fight, for those who stand up and speak out, even while they are verbally abused and bullied… We thank all those who try their best to reduce their “footprint”, it isn’t easy, it’s time consuming, it’s thinking before acting, it’s giving up material things, it’s walking more and driving less… most of all, it’s frustrating and upsetting to look around and feel as though no-one really cares, and there aren’t enough of us to make the difference that is needed to stop the destruction…

It is even more important now that we do not give up, “never give up, never surrender” 🙂 Folks are getting “it”, they are open to making changes, governments (well some of them anyway) are understanding the crisis, they are declaring it REAL…. because they cannot declare it anything else… Hang in there ladies and gentlemen, keep doing what you can, listen and learn as you go, and when you get those days, where you want to give up and say to heck with it all… keep in mind that we aren’t fighing for those who can speak up for themselves, for are “fighting” for those who cannot… wildlife, birds, bees, fish, oceans, trees and plants…. 🙂

Have a super fabulous New Years

Greta McKenzie, SGC Admin and the SGC Team

SGC Admin… Hello and thank you … :)

Hi Everyone… 🙋‍♀️😎

We have been on our annual winter get away since the end of January and will be heading back home the beginning of March… Hubby likes to go south at this time of the year for a few reasons… He absolutely hates the winter, not so much because of the snow, cold and blowing wind, but also because of the salt that covers our roads, which then gets on our cars, ruins our sidewalks and roadways and of course our environment and water ways… 😦

He also likes to “drag” me away to celebrate a couple of anniversaries for us… We met in the month of February (38 years ago now) and we got married in January 5 years later… we didn’t have a traditional wedding, we “eloped” so to speak, so I never had the frills that go along with a wedding, (no dress, no flowers etc)… we couldn’t afford it and for years after wards I regretted it so much… not any more (I have got over it) 🙂 but Hubby still feels bad and so likes to add that into the reasons why we need to be somewhere warm and sunny… hahaha… (men, the boy in them never leaves… ) 😉 …

However, while we are away, working on SGC is a bit more challenging, and so I take this opportunity to apologize for my late postings… 😦 I also would like to say a big THANK YOU to you all for your continued support in following us and a warm welcome to all of you who are our new followers… We appreciate you all and hope you will continue along with our journey… Don’t forget to contact us with your questions and comments… 🙂 we love to hear from you … and if time permits check out our other site, (you can find the link on SGC to the right of the page) where you can find items to purchase… 🙂

Thanks again everyone… and we wish you all a truly fabulous day… 🙂

Greta McKenzie

Florida Feb 2011

Astrology and how it affects our daily life. Transiting Mercury Moves into Leo June 2018

Digital illustration of planet symbol in colour background Stock Illustration - 6144731
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : KrishnaKumar Sivaraman

           Mercury comes to visit with Leo.

  • Date: June 28/29

  • Time: June 28 10:16 pm (PT) June 29 1:16 am (ET)

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http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : antimartina

What does it Mean?

  • Mercury is the planet of communications and technology, he is what makes us think.
  • Leo is dramatic, proud and “demands” quality over quantity.
  • Our way of thinking might get bigger, we may “see” greater possibilities ahead and our plans for the future may become more grandiose. 
  • Speculation, gambling and taking a risk are all possible now. Those who have a tendency to go over budget may need to be aware of such a trait when entering into such situation. However research into sound investments isn’t a bad idea.
  • Time to pick up a good book, see a new movie, or go to the theater with friends or that special someone.. 
  • A great time to socialize and have fun with like-minded folk
  • Children and Pets might be on the mind of some folk. Creating with our hands is good for us now, as is coming up with creative ideas for any number of things. 
  • Leo is a fire sign, encouraging our mind to work quicker then usual, however not everyone will be “blessed” with the ability to think on their feet.
  • Some of us may gear our thinking towards doing, while others may have the best intentions, however the thoughts remain words, good ideas may stem from such episodes, writing them down now may prove useful in the future.
  • We will all feel the effects of this Mercury position, but those with the following in their charts may feel it the most. 
  • Mercury in Leo
  • Sun in Leo
  • Moon in Leo
  • Ascendent in Leo
  • Midheaven in Leo 
  • To a lessor extend… Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius, Ascendent in Aquarius, Midheaven in Aquarius. 
Copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology 07/02/2018

The moon and other planetary transit movements for January 2017

The Moon and other planetary transit movements for January 2017

Moon void of course (v/c) days and times

Opportunity Periods (o/p) days and times

The Full Moon is on the 12th

The New Moon is on the 27th

Click on the day to find out more… 🙂 Please note post do not appear until close to the transit date

2   Venus moves into Pisces                              11:47 pm (PT)
3   Venus moves into Pisces @ 2:47 am (ET)
4   Mercury moves into Sagittarius @ 9:17 am (ET) 7:17 am (PT)
4   Moon goes void of course (v/c): 11:14 am (ET) 8:14 am (PT)
4   Moon moves into Aries @ 11:20 am (ET) 8:20 am (PT) (v/c ends)
5   Opportune Time Begins (o/p) @ 11:16 pm (ET) 8:15 pm (PT)
6   O/P Ends 1:41 pm (ET) 10:41 am (PT)
6   Moon goes void of course (v/c) 1:41 pm (ET) 10:41 am (PT)
6   Moon moves into Taurus (v/c ends) 3:18 pm (ET) 12:18 pm (PT)
6   Opportune Time Begins (o/p) 3:18 pm (ET) 12:18 pm (PT)
7   Moon goes void of course (v/c) 9:23 pm (ET) 6:23 pm (PT)
8   O/P Ends 5:06 pm (ET) 2:06 pm (PT)
8   Mercury turns direct, still in storm until the 14th
8   Moon moves into Gemini: V/C ends 5:06 pm (ET) 2:06 pm (PT)
10  Opportune Time Begins (o/p) 5:32 pm (ET) 2:32 pm (PT)
10  O/P Ends 4:38 pm (ET) 1:38 pm (PT)
10  Moon goes void of course (v/c) 4:38 pm (ET) 1:38 pm (PT)
10  Moon moves into Cancer: V/C ends 5:49 pm (ET) 2:49 pm (PT)
12  Full Moon in Cancer
12  Moon goes void of course 6:34 am (ET) 3:34 am (PT)
12  Mercury moves into Capricorn 9:03 am (ET) 6:03 (PT)
12  Opportune Time 7:08 pm (ET) 4:08 pm (PT)
12  Moon moves into Leo: V/C ends 7:08 pm (ET) 4:08 pm (PT)
14  O/P Ends 10:17 am (ET) 7:17 am (PT)
14  Moon goes void of course 10:17 am (ET) 7:17 am (PT)
14  Moon moves into Virgo V/C ends 10:52 pm (ET) 7:52 pm (PT)
16  Moon goes void of course                                          10:09 pm (PT)
17  Moon goes void of course                5:14 pm (ET)
16  Opportune Time Begins 5:14 pm (ET) 2:14 pm (PT)
16  O/T Ends 9:14 pm (ET) 6:14 pm (PT)
17  Moon moves into Libra: V/C ends 6:16 am (ET) 3:16 am (PT)
18  Opportune Time Begins 10:43 pm (ET) 7:43 pm (PT)
19  Moon goes void of course 3:55 am (ET) 12:55 am (PT)
19  Sun moves into Aquarius 4:24 pm (ET) 1:24 pm (PT)
19  Moon moves into Scorpio V/C ends 5:09 pm (ET) 2:09 pm (PT)
19  Opportune Time Begins 5:14 pm (ET) 2:14 pm (PT)
21  O/P Ends 8:24 pm (ET) 5:24 pm (PT)
21  Moon goes void of course 8:24 pm (ET) 5:24 pm (PT)
22  Moon moves into Sagittarius  V/C ends 5:45 am (ET) 2:45 am (PT)
24  Opportune Time Begins 12:34 pm (ET) 9:34 (PT)
24  O/P Ends 5:43 pm (ET) 2:43 pm (PT)
24  Moon moves into Capricorn 5:43 pm (ET) 2:43 pm (PT)
26  Moon goes void of course                              11:18 pm (PT)
27  Moon goes void of course      2:18 pm (ET)
27  Moon moves into Aquarius V/C ends  7:07 pm (ET) 4:07 pm (PT)
27  Mars moves into Aries*
*                                                9:39 pm (PT)
27  Opportune Time Begins 6:23 pm (ET) 3:23 pm (PT)
27  O/T Ends 7:37 pm(ET) 4:37 (PT)
27  New Moon in Aquarius
28  Mars moves into Aries
**  12:39 am
28  Moon goes void of course                           9:52 pm (PT)
29  Moon goes void of course  12:52 am (ET)
29  Moon moves into Pisces V/C ends 11:10 am (ET) 8:10 am (PT)
31  Opportune Time Begins 12:37 pm (ET) 9:37 am (PT)
31  Moon goes void of course 12:36 pm (ET) 9:36 pm (PT)
31  Moon moves into Aries V/C ends 4:46 pm (ET) 1:46 pm (PT)

copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology 2017: With thanks to Llewellyn’s 2017 Daily Planetary Guide, Pam Ciampi & Jim Shawvan

Stonewood Academy Pickering, Ontario: Horse Riding Lessons for all levels and much more…

SGC Admin: Aww the joy of gifts that go on well past the gift giving day… 🙂 This past Christmas, our son presented me with such a gift in the form of 8 horse riding lessons for the spring. 🙂

I love horses and have been lucky enough to experience a couple of  “horse trial” rides in the past, however I am far from an expert on either riding or horses (loving something doesn’t make you an expert on it) ;)… I find horses to be beautiful animals, they are also very intelligent animals. I mean they have to be to figure out what someone sitting on their back wants them to do, when they can’t even see them… !! However, they are also bigger and faster than me, and truth be told, they scare me, if just a little. 🙂 But by the end of my 8 lessons I must say I feel much more comfortable around them, which is awesome because it means I can love them more… (if that’s possible) 😉

My horse riding lessons took place at Stonewood Riding Academy located in Pickering, Ontario. An absolutely fabulous facility with the most awesome horses and dedicated, hard-working staff. 

copyright: Greta McKenzie Photos

I was fairly nervous going in for my first lesson, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited all the same.. 🙂 The moment I walked into the Barn, I was impressed… it’s very clean, beautifully built and laid out, with each horse in comfortable stalls. It didn’t even smell bad… ;)… 

Right away there was a volunteer ready to assist me… and I was so surprised to be involved with all the aspects of getting “my” horse ready to ride… brushing, saddling and bridling… 🙂 “My” 1st horse was Penny, a beautiful BIG mare… I gasped when i saw her and realized I was going to be getting on her back… (how, was the question in my mind at the time) 🙂 … I would soon find out there is a “mounting block” to assist you on getting on your horse… (whew) and Penny, bless her was so patient and very well-behaved… :).

Throughout my 8 lessons, there was always someone to help me get my horse ready or to “dress” my horse down afterward, which was valuable for me, as the arthritis in my hands tricks me sometimes, making it difficult for me to do such tasks as pulling the girth tight…  the girls were always, always so very patient and kind. 

Penny the horse
copyright: Greta Mckenzie Photos

Tamika Koonings was my instructor, (Click & Scroll down the Stonewood page to view her bio) she amazed me with her extensive knowledge and her ability to remember all of our names, along with the names and character traits of the horses we were riding… Tamika, will not give up on you, she will encourage you to keep trying, there is never a time when you feel you can’t do something, because Tamika’s faith in you pushes you into doing your absolute best… She is a lovely, caring, patient and talented lady and an awesome instructor. 

I was nervous, scared, and felt a little silly in the beginning about being there, even though it had been a dream of mine for sooo many years to learn how to ride, I felt I was too old to be doing such things… But I was wrong… you are never too old to try something, as long as your body is able and your mind is willing… but most important of all is to find the place and the people to help you try, to push you gently beyond your comfort zone and to encourage and accept you. And that is exactly what I found at Stonewood…. 

I ended up spending most of my lessons with Nemo a darling fella who enjoys napping, I would stroke him as we waited in the middle of the ring for all to assemble, and would watch as his lovely eyes slowly closed…… 🙂 oh I fell in love with this guy, he soon caught on to the fact that he had a “sucker” on his back… 🙂 I wasn’t very good at getting him to trot,… Tamika had to encourage me to kick as I felt awful about kicking Nemo, even though I understand how rider & horse communicate with signals and body language… I did get better at it, but still could only kick with my right leg, just couldn’t get both legs to kick at the same time, hahaha… it was all good in the end, as we did get Nemo trotting, Tamika worked hard to keep me at it and in the End Nemo must have felt bad and decided to help me out… 🙂 Oh it was such fun when we did trot ..It was also a good tummy workout … 

copyright: Greta McKenzie Photos

The whole experience was wonderful, I walked out of that barn after each lessons feeling so happy and care free… I felt lighter in my step and at peace with myself for finally experiencing the joy of being around and understanding these magnificent creatures a little bit more… I am pleased with myself for hanging in and not letting fear get the better of me, and I am grateful for the people I met in my group and the wonderful teachings of Tamika.. 🙂 

With your group lessons at Stonewood Academy you experience the following…

  • How to brush your horse
  • How to girth your horse
  • How to saddle your horse
  • How to set your stirrup
  • You learn how to: Hold your reigns, where to put your boots in your stirrup, what is posting, what is a 2 point, how to dismount safely, safety in the ring and so much more… 
  • You can bring in treats for the horses and connect with them… 🙂 they will love you for an apple or a carrot… 🙂 

Thank you Nemo and Penny for allowing me to ride you and connect with you. 🙂 Thank you Tamika for your patience and care, Thank you to the girls working and volunteering, you all do a fabulous job and it’s easy to see that everyone at Stonewood puts the horse’s first… they are loved and cared for and that makes my heart grow… oh and of course thank you to our Son for an absolutely thoughtful and memorial gift… xo 

copyright Greta McKenzie Photos

Check out the following links for more information or to find a groupon deal for these lessons. 



Contact SGC @ astrostar61@hotmail.com 🙂