Hi Everyone… 🙋‍♀️😎

We have been on our annual winter get away since the end of January and will be heading back home the beginning of March… Hubby likes to go south at this time of the year for a few reasons… He absolutely hates the winter, not so much because of the snow, cold and blowing wind, but also because of the salt that covers our roads, which then gets on our cars, ruins our sidewalks and roadways and of course our environment and water ways… 😦

He also likes to “drag” me away to celebrate a couple of anniversaries for us… We met in the month of February (38 years ago now) and we got married in January 5 years later… we didn’t have a traditional wedding, we “eloped” so to speak, so I never had the frills that go along with a wedding, (no dress, no flowers etc)… we couldn’t afford it and for years after wards I regretted it so much… not any more (I have got over it) 🙂 but Hubby still feels bad and so likes to add that into the reasons why we need to be somewhere warm and sunny… hahaha… (men, the boy in them never leaves… ) 😉 …

However, while we are away, working on SGC is a bit more challenging, and so I take this opportunity to apologize for my late postings… 😦 I also would like to say a big THANK YOU to you all for your continued support in following us and a warm welcome to all of you who are our new followers… We appreciate you all and hope you will continue along with our journey… Don’t forget to contact us with your questions and comments… 🙂 we love to hear from you … and if time permits check out our other site, (you can find the link on SGC to the right of the page) where you can find items to purchase… 🙂

Thanks again everyone… and we wish you all a truly fabulous day… 🙂

Greta McKenzie

Florida Feb 2011

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