Thank you so much for following us in 2019 and for all the years, we truly appreciate it and it gives us that little push to keep on going… 😉

As we look towards a new year and a new decade, it’s a good time to ask ourselves, are we helping our planet or harming it… ? Our lives, are a mixture of nature, people, material and sometimes spiritual… What we do each day while living our lives, affects the “whole”….

2019 saw a huge movement towards awareness, the awareness that our human “needs” has created a planetary crisis. For some, this was not new news, we have been aware for over 30 years of the damage our human exsistance was doing to our world. And now the crisis has come to a head…

We thank all those who fight this fight, for those who stand up and speak out, even while they are verbally abused and bullied… We thank all those who try their best to reduce their “footprint”, it isn’t easy, it’s time consuming, it’s thinking before acting, it’s giving up material things, it’s walking more and driving less… most of all, it’s frustrating and upsetting to look around and feel as though no-one really cares, and there aren’t enough of us to make the difference that is needed to stop the destruction…

It is even more important now that we do not give up, “never give up, never surrender” 🙂 Folks are getting “it”, they are open to making changes, governments (well some of them anyway) are understanding the crisis, they are declaring it REAL…. because they cannot declare it anything else… Hang in there ladies and gentlemen, keep doing what you can, listen and learn as you go, and when you get those days, where you want to give up and say to heck with it all… keep in mind that we aren’t fighing for those who can speak up for themselves, for are “fighting” for those who cannot… wildlife, birds, bees, fish, oceans, trees and plants…. 🙂

Have a super fabulous New Years

Greta McKenzie, SGC Admin and the SGC Team

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