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           Mercury comes to visit with Leo.

  • Date: June 28/29

  • Time: June 28 10:16 pm (PT) June 29 1:16 am (ET)

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What does it Mean?

  • Mercury is the planet of communications and technology, he is what makes us think.
  • Leo is dramatic, proud and “demands” quality over quantity.
  • Our way of thinking might get bigger, we may “see” greater possibilities ahead and our plans for the future may become more grandiose. 
  • Speculation, gambling and taking a risk are all possible now. Those who have a tendency to go over budget may need to be aware of such a trait when entering into such situation. However research into sound investments isn’t a bad idea.
  • Time to pick up a good book, see a new movie, or go to the theater with friends or that special someone.. 
  • A great time to socialize and have fun with like-minded folk
  • Children and Pets might be on the mind of some folk. Creating with our hands is good for us now, as is coming up with creative ideas for any number of things. 
  • Leo is a fire sign, encouraging our mind to work quicker then usual, however not everyone will be “blessed” with the ability to think on their feet.
  • Some of us may gear our thinking towards doing, while others may have the best intentions, however the thoughts remain words, good ideas may stem from such episodes, writing them down now may prove useful in the future.
  • We will all feel the effects of this Mercury position, but those with the following in their charts may feel it the most. 
  • Mercury in Leo
  • Sun in Leo
  • Moon in Leo
  • Ascendent in Leo
  • Midheaven in Leo 
  • To a lessor extend… Mercury in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius, Ascendent in Aquarius, Midheaven in Aquarius. 
Copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology 07/02/2018

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