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Mars Goes Retrograde: 

Date June 26 to August 27 2018

What does it all mean? 

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Mars is the planet of action, he can be aggressive and impatient… when he prods us to rush around, he makes us susceptible to accidents, like banging our head on open doors, cutting ourselves with knives and scissors or getting into minor car accidents… He can also be heroic, coming forward to protect the vulnerable and the weak… He is the planet that prompts us to move ahead, to start something new, to be brave.

***Head’s Up“….Those with strong Aries/Mars chart influence’s may experience headaches as the energy moves into retrograde motion… taking precautions, such as avoiding any triggers is suggested.*** 

When a planet goes retrograde, the energy of that planet is affected. And while retrograde motion can get a “bad wrap” they can be helpful if we know how to work with them.

Because Mars is a high energy planet, when he goes retrograde his energy is “capped”, meaning that his efforts to move ahead are hampered. And so it stands to reason, that anything begun under a Mars retrograde may not proceed in the way it was expected to… Once the retrograde has passed, projects and situations/relationships we have got ourselves involved in during the retrograde may not last or have the positive outcome we had thought they would. 

What should we be doing with this energy then? Copyright : FRANCOIS POIRIER
  • The best thing to do with any retrograde planet is to carry on doing what we were doing before the planet went retrograde, as it’s not a good time to begin anything new.
  • Mars is a sexual planet, get together’s for physical encounters may prevail now, so take care if you are on the look out for a lasting relationship… 
  • Be open to new opportunities and new ideas, but don’t act on them until the planet has moved out of retrograde motion. 
  • When Mars goes Retrograde, try not to get involved in new relationships, or start a new job, business or anything new that requires a signature or long-term commitment. Weddings and job interviews that had already been set up before the retrograde and that take place during the retrograde will have a better chance of success, then those that may be done on the spur of the moment during the Mars retrograde.
  • Mars has a hand in how we deal with anger, he brings out the aggressor in us… When he is retrograde, it may cause some confusion as to how we manage our anger, for some of us, this confusion about our anger, may mean we aren’t sure how to handle it. It is best then, that we monitor our feelings during this retrograde… and if we aren’t completely sure of the reason behind our anger, it’s best to find a healthy, positive way of letting off steam. 
  • Mars is a “high energy” planet, those with Aries or a strong Mars influence usually have lots of extra energy they need to use up … However, when Mars is in retrograde motion, our energy level can be lower or sporadic. This can cause some of us to become “cranky” or more impatient than usual… It is a good idea then, to practice patience while Mars is in Retrograde motion, stay away from situations and people who you know are going to “set you off”. Instead of getting caught up in intense, worrying situations that likely have no solutions, try doing more relaxing and fun things… Playing fun sports such as volley ball, baseball, tennis etc can all help to use up this energy in a positive way, just take care not to fall over, run into things or get hit by a ball, bat or tennis racquet ;). 
  • As Mars first moves into retrograde motion he will be in the sign of Aquarius by the time he goes direct he would have moved backwards (retrograde = moving backwards) into the sign of Capricorn…
  • Mars in Aquarius, we like to play as a team, our energy can be erratic and we may achieve our goals via hit and miss tactics… Personal power will take a back seat and we are more open to cooperating with others.
  • Mars in Capricorn, is almost the opposite to Mars in Aquarius, here the energy is more deliberate and persistent… we think before acting and our anger is slower to manifest… however, Capricorn can be cold when angered or upset, this can be rather challenging for those with sensitive water signs in their charts.   
  • Bottom line on retrograde planets… Be aware of how serious you are taking things, try not to start anything new and most of all have fun… life is short and we don’t have time to waste on upside down emotions, unless of course we learn from them… 😉 
  • While Mars retrograde will have an effect on all of us, he will have more of an effect on those with the following in their charts.
  • Mars in Aries
  • Sun in Aries
  • Moon in Aries
  • Ascendant in Aries
  • Mid-heaven in Aries
  • To a lessor extent…. the above planets in the following signs: Aquarius, Capricorn or Libra. 
copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology June 28 2018

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