Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

  • Date: December 21 @ 4:54 pm (ET) @ 1:54 pm (PT)
  • Moon Sign: Leo ♌
  • Moon Phase: 3rd
  • Void-off-Course:  December 23 @10:39 pm(PT): December 24 @ 1:39 am(ET)  to moon into Virgo in the early hours of the 24th. *Leo Moon* v/c is not one of the 4 “good signs”
  • Opportunity Period: None

What does it all mean?

  • The Leo Moon enjoys drama. Try not to make “mountains out of mole hills” and tone down on the gossip..
  • The Leo Moon loves to be noticed and recognized. “Pump up” your loved ones, and, if you happen to have a Leo influence in yourself, be aware of how you may be going about getting recognized or appreciated… If you play your cards right this could be a positive time when you get to be where you need to be.
  • Try not to be overly “vain” and be prepared for drama at any-time from any direction
  • Try not to over-react, and if it’s not you doing the over-reacting, try not  adding to the chaos by encouraging the one that is over-reacting. 
  • It’s a good time to check out the local talent, take in a downtown show, (If one is permitted such pleasures😉) get starry-eyed with your lover, or perhaps look for a new one, as romance is high on the Agenda under this influence. 
  • This may be a positive time for: Beauty treatments: Borrowing money: Buying a home: Entertaining Guests: Fixing Cars: Hair Cut (For thickness): Moving: Mowing the Law (to retard growth): Painting: Pouring Cement: Starting new construction: Starting a new job: 
  • This moon period will affect everyone, but more so those who have the following in their charts:
  • Moon in Leo:
  • Sun in Leo:  
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Sun in Aquarius 
  • Moon in the 5th house
  • Aspects to the moon or the Sun
  • Those who have a strong Aquarius placement in their charts may also feel this moon’s influence more than others. 

  • Happy Yule to all who celebrate this ancient “holiday” ... 🍻🎄December 21 2021
  • Wishing one and all a happy and joyful winter solstice. 🥂December 21 2021

“Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun’s strength builds, and days grow longer. It can be a time to rest and reflect.” Explore 

The Sun🟡 moves into the sign of Capricorn.

December 21 @ 10:59 am (ET) @ 7:59 am (PT).

  • Capricorn is a Feminine, Cardinal, Earth sign. 
  • Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. (Restrictions)
  • She comes with a fabulous, (some would say “dry” )sense of humour. 
  • She likes to get noticed when it comes to her work contributions, and rightly so, she is usually a good and dedicated worker.
  • Her public image, along with her status at work can be hugely important to her, sometimes to the detriment of relationships. As she will spend many hours working. 
  • Traditions and the elderly may interest Capricorn folks. 
  • Although friendly, and always willing to help, authority and discipline are important to Capricorn, which can sometimes cause others to view her as being emotionally cool, or stand offish. 
  • A knack with business dealings, and smart, indicating possible success at business. 

Birthday happy smile greeting card. Vector birthday background 3d colorful character design

Wishing all of our Capricorn friends and family, a very Happy Birthday, we wish you good luck and happiness for the coming year.

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The Moon and Astrology

How it affects our daily lives… 

In astrology, the moon is connected to our emotions and reactions… how we are feeling on a given day may well be influenced by the sign that is visiting the moon… Each sign stays with the moon for up to 2.5 days…. 🙂 

The Moon Void-of-Course: 

There are times throughout the month when the moon is not fully immersed in any sign… this is when we say the moon is Void of Course… and when this occurs, we may feel “foggy” and “unfocused” … We may not be sure how we are truly feeling about a situation or a person…. Therefore it is not recommended that we make long-term commitments or important decision’s while the moon is Void of Course…. However there are 4 signs in the zodiac which may prove positive during the Void-of-Course moon… 

 These v/c signs may prove to be quite productive times.

  • Cancer
  • Taurus
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces…

Opportunity Periods  

There are other periods throughout the month that are known as opportunity periods, when it can prove to be a positive time for most people, however if you have challenging aspects happening within your own chart you may not be able to make use of opportunity periods. 

Thanks to Paula Belluomini present day astrologer, William Lilly 17th century astrologer and Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide for opportunity periods and dates.

 copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology 12/19/2021

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