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Astrology Event: Venusmoves into Scorpio

Date: October 8th 2019 to November 1 2019

Time: 1:06 pm (ET) 10:06 am (PT) 

House(s) (equal house system): 1st and 2nd


What it means:

    • Venus is the planet of beauty, comfort, love and money. She rules Libra and Taurus. 
    • Scorpio is the most intense and sensitive of the water signs.
    • What ever it is that needs upgrading, decorating, beautifying deserves our attention now, even if we don’t want to actually start the project yet, it’s a good time to let our imagination go. 
    • We find we are interested in improving certain situations, such as those dealing with humanitarian issues. 
    • We could find ourselves irresistibly drawn to a lover…. or attracting one may become our cause… 
    • Take care not to become jealous regarding relationships… even the ones you may be dreaming about… 
    • Take care not to try and “outdo” the neighbour if the budget isn’t up to the task right now. 
    • Halloween is just around the corner, be creative… we could see some amazing costumes this year…
    • Be aware of your spending, check the budget before buying a big-ticket item… our desire for comfort and beautiful things may temporally overcome our practical side. 
    • Some of us may be inclined to dress sexier, while others prefer to dress classy.. 
    • If we open our eyes we will be able to see the beauty around us, even if it seems really difficult at times.. 
    • Intimate contact may be high on the agenda, indicating any energy (sexual or otherwise) should find a safe and healthy outlet.

SGC folk would like to wish our followers and all how celebrate,

A peaceful and happy Yom Kppur

(Begins at Sundown tonight)

Greta McKenzie Astrology: 10/02/2019

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