Astrology and how it works in our daily life.. Venus enters Scorpio…October 2019: Happy Yom Kippur


zodiac venus : Planet Glyphs Button - Venus Stock Photo Copyright : Johnny Lye

Astrology Event: Venusmoves into Scorpio

Date: October 8th 2019 to November 1 2019

Time: 1:06 pm (ET) 10:06 am (PT) 

House(s) (equal house system): 1st and 2nd


What it means:

    • Venus is the planet of beauty, comfort, love and money. She rules Libra and Taurus. 
    • Scorpio is the most intense and sensitive of the water signs.
    • What ever it is that needs upgrading, decorating, beautifying deserves our attention now, even if we don’t want to actually start the project yet, it’s a good time to let our imagination go. 
    • We find we are interested in improving certain situations, such as those dealing with humanitarian issues. 
    • We could find ourselves irresistibly drawn to a lover…. or attracting one may become our cause… 
    • Take care not to become jealous regarding relationships… even the ones you may be dreaming about… 
    • Take care not to try and “outdo” the neighbour if the budget isn’t up to the task right now. 
    • Halloween is just around the corner, be creative… we could see some amazing costumes this year…
    • Be aware of your spending, check the budget before buying a big-ticket item… our desire for comfort and beautiful things may temporally overcome our practical side. 
    • Some of us may be inclined to dress sexier, while others prefer to dress classy.. 
    • If we open our eyes we will be able to see the beauty around us, even if it seems really difficult at times.. 
    • Intimate contact may be high on the agenda, indicating any energy (sexual or otherwise) should find a safe and healthy outlet.

SGC folk would like to wish our followers and all how celebrate,

A peaceful and happy Yom Kppur

(Begins at Sundown tonight)

Greta McKenzie Astrology: 10/02/2019

Astrology and how it affects our daily life… Venus in Scorpio… November 2017

  • Astrological Event:
  • Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio
  • Date: November 7 2017 to December 2 2017
  • Time: 6:38 am (ET) 3:38 (PT)

What it means:

  • Venus is the planet of love, beauty and money, she rules Libra and Taurus
  • Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, she feels everything deeply both the negative and positive… She can get you to tell her your secrets, but she isn’t always willing to share hers with you… 🙂 Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and sex.
  • Now may be a good time for investments. Our financial security is important to us. Could also be a good time to look at mortgages, especially renewing them… Shared money matters with both business and personal partners may come up for discussion, making this a good time review that side of our lives.
  • If you are in a relationship already, now is the perfect time for romantic getaways, or at least for finding some quiet yet “passionate” time away from the kids, work and everyday responsibilities.
  • If you are single, you could find that you are “on the prowl”… 😉 Sex is high on the agenda, along with the need for a fun and harmonious relationship.
  • If the budget is saying NO to spending, it’s probably better to listen… as it is super easy to over spend under this influence..
  • Feelings of jealousy are very common while this influence is about, especially amongst friends…
  • Positive and fun outlets are recommended when feeling restless.
  • This influence will affect everyone, but will affect those who have the following chart influences the most. 
  • Venus in Scorpio
  • Sun in Scorpio
  • Ascendent in Scorpio
  • Venus in the 8th house
  • Any Libra or Taurus influences (to a lessor degree)
copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology: November 7 2017