Date: October 3 @ 9:22 pm (PT) October 4 @ 12:22 am (ET) Mars moves into the sign of Libra. In the 1st house (Equal House Method)Until November 19/20 th



What Does this Mean?

  • Mars is the “Action planet” … He can be heroic or impatient… He is motivating and energetic… He can be kind, yet insensitive… He wants to move forward… He was once the ruler of Scoprio before Pluto was discovered, he now rules Aries.
  • Libra is all justic and harmony, she is about relationships and partnerships… she really does want the whole world to get along :)… She can be indecisive and irritating… She can be beautiful and loving… She can be passionate about injustice and take up the fight… or she can sit on the fence and get confused, because “each side” has valid points. She can spend money like water… and isn’t fond of bad manners or slovenly apperance…She is ruled by the planet Venus…
  • Take care when dealing with others… We can be impatient with our partners and co-workers now… Don’t force issue’s or push folks to be in a relationship with you… it will backfire
  • Dealings with professionals, such as lawyers may not go as smoothly as planned… be patient… and hopefully your lawyer will be patient too.
  • Relationships can get passionte during this transit… this can be fun if both parties are feeling the passion…
  • If conflicts in relationships are felt during this transit, please take time out to compromise and co-operate to get to the bottom of the issue(s)… Solutions can be found if we have patience and are willing to listen to the “other side”…
  • We can “win” our arguments now, by using our charm, no one really wants to be the “bad guy” under this transit, which can make for some interesting conversations and sometimes passive/aggressive behaviour. Take care not to compromise your own values/beliefs.. It is fine to be polite with the opposition, just don’t forget you are on opposite sides… 😉

This transit will affect everyone to a slight degree… however, those with the following are likely to feel the affects more:

  • Sun in Libra or Aries
  • Mars in Libra or Aries
  • Ascendent or Midheaven in Libra or Aries
  • Venus in Libra
  • Venus in Aries
  • Mars in the 7th house

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