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  • Astrology “Event” Mercury comes to visit with Cancer. 
  • Date: June 12 @ 4:00 pm (ET) 1:00 pm (PT) 
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What does it Mean? 

  • Mercury is the planet of communications and technology, he is what makes us think.
  • Cancer is about caring and nurturing the people and things they love. 
  • Our focus may be on our domestic chores
  • We are capable of coming up with sound, practical ideas relating to your home, garden and family life. 
  • Our office may get a bit of sprucing up, especially with family photo’s and the like
  • Some of us could be extra sensitive to the words of others, indicating it is a good idea for everyone to think before speaking or “judging” 
  • It’s possible to tackle more than one task now, but it’s likely we may choose to focus on one at a time. 
  • Listening to the worries and woes of others is very easy for some folk now, so if you need a shoulder, sourcing out a cancer influenced person might be just the person to turn to. 
  • Health issues with the tummy or breast area could be a concern for some
  • While everyone will be slightly affected by Mercury in Cancer those with the following in their charts will be affected to a deeper degree. 
  • Mercury in Cancer
  • Moon in the 4th house
  • Mercury in the 3rd house
  • Mercury in the 4th house
  • Mercury in Virgo
  • Mercury in Gemini
  • Sun in Cancer
  • Sun in Virgo
  • Sun in Gemini
  • Any aspects to Mercury
Copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology 06/14/2018


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