This Sunday, June 17 2018 is Fathers Day.

It’s a celebration and recognition for all Dad’s o…. Copyright : Olesia Bilkei


So this Sunday, treat dad like a King, don’t give him a hard time about ANYTHING… it’s his day and he deserves to relax and unwind, play a round of golf, go biking, tinker in the Garage or whatever it is that makes him feel good…

Gifts for dad don’t have to be expensive, nor do they need to be elaborate… However, as with all gifts they DO need to be thoughtful… so if you don’t have the funds to get him that new bbq, watch, techie toy or case of beer… have a good think about what you could DO for him, maybe he would love the Garage cleaned up, or the yard sorted, or you could give him an I.O.U. for a car wash or yard mowing…. The ideas are endless… 

So enjoy your Sunday with Dad, it’s a good day to be around family even if you can only spare an hour or two, Dad is sure to appreciate it… 

Wishing all you Dad’s out there an awesome fun-filled day…. 🙂

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