Astrological “Event”:

Jupiter into Virgo

Date: August 11 2015 into 2016

Time: 7:11 am (ET) 4:11 am (PT)


Planet Glyphs Button - Jupiter (Include Clipping Path) Stock Photo - 350575 Copyright : Johnny Lye
Illustration of virgo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl  Stock Illustration - 24531180 Copyright : VarvaraGorbash









What does it all mean? 

  • Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck.. He rules Sagittarius.
  • Virgo is the sign of service, detail and is prone to nervous strain. 
  • Work life could be more upbeat and positive now.. for some this could indicate a good time to ask for a raise. 
  • For the folk looking for jobs, don’t give up hope, be extra diligent, keep an eye out for the opportunities and go full steam ahead
  • Take care not to take on too many things at once, only take on that which you absolutely know you can get done
  • Volunteer work can be rewarding, just take care not to take on more of it because it feels so rewarding… 
  • Extra attention to ones’ health is likely during this time.. If you need inspiration to get into shape, you won’t have to look too far.. 
  • This event will affect everyone, but will have stronger effect on those who have the following in their charts. 
    • Jupiter in Virgo
    • Jupiter in Sagittarius
    • Jupiter in the 6th house
    • Ascendant in Sagittarius or Virgo
    • Midheaven in Sagittarius or Virgo
    • Any aspects to Jupiter
©Greta McKenzie Astrology 7/22/2015

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