The Moon and Astrology



In astrology, the moon is connected to our emotions and reactions… how we are feeling on a given day may well be influenced by the sign that is visiting the moon… Each sign stays with the moon for up to 2.5 days…. 🙂 

The Moon Void-off-Course: 

There are times throughout the month when the moon isn’t fully immersed in any sign… this is when we say the moon is Void off Course… and when this occurs, we may feel “foggy” and “unfocused” … We may not be sure how we are truly feeling about a situation or a person…. Therefore it is not recommended that we make long-term commitments or important decision’s while the moon is Void off Course…. However there are 4 signs in the zodiac which may prove positive during the Void-off-Course moon… 

Good for Void-Off-Course Moon:

These v/c signs may prove to be quite productive times.

  • Cancer
  • Taurus
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces…

Opportunity Periods  (thanks to astrologer Jim Shawvan):

There are other periods throughout the month that are known as opportunity periods, when it can prove to be a positive time for most people, however if you have challenging aspects happening within your own chart you may not be able to make use of opportunity periods. 

Thanks to Jim Shawvan present day astrologer, William Lilly 17th century astrologer and Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide for opportunity periods.

Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

Lady of Justice on white background  Stock Photo - 15548810 Copyright : Burmakin Andrey
  • Date: February 7 to February 9 2015
  • Moon Sign: Libra at approx 1:44 pm (ET) 10:44 am (PT)
  • Moon Phase: 3rd
  • Void-off-Course: February 9 6:58 am (ET) 3:58 am (PT) to February 10 2:05 am (ET) February 9 11:05 pm (PT)
  • House(s) 12th & 1st: The 12th house is the house of fantasy, illusion, how we “deal” with institutions (hospitals, schools, etc) the moon starts out in the 12 and will move into the first by February 9: The first house is about the SELF
  • Opportunity Period: February 8 2015 7:02 pm (ET) 4:02 pm (PT) to February 9 2015 6:58 am (ET) 3:58 am (PT): Mostly useful for night owls, but we can all benefit if we have stuff to do in the evening.

What does it all mean?

  • Libra has a need for balance, indicating this moon period may be an ideal time to implement some into our daily lives. 
  • A desire for justice may be present, dealing with issues that have upset our sense of justice may prove to be productive. 
  • Diplomacy is likely to be more apparent during the next few days, and may be a good time to bring up that topic you have been putting on the back burner. 
  • Hesitation is probably going to raise its head, we may see many sides of a story and find it difficult to make up our minds. 
  • Difficulty in making commitments or long-term decisions, because we can’t make up our minds. If this is the case perhaps wait a few days until the move has moved out of Libra. 
  • Libra is happiest when in a relationship or partnership. Indicating this may be a good time to begin one. 🙂 Just keep in mind that the moon is in the 12 house of dreams and fantasy’s Sept 24 to early hours of the 27th. We may see what we want to see instead of what is reality.
  • Co-operation should be in the air, making this an ideal time to make plans with others. 
  • May be a good time to improve our appearance and surroundings. 
  • May be great time to go bargain hunting, 
  • While the moon is in the 12 house, we may feel more inclined to spend some time alone to reflect and review our life. We can be “deceived” and should be cautious of our perspective. Some of us may be involved in a hospital or correctional facility or School or we may find we are supported loved ones and/or friends regarding these facilities.
  • When the moon is in the 1st house, focus can turn inwards, or we may be preoccupied with ourselves, our needs and our desires… This works well for those who seem to be on the giving end all the time, however those who have a selfish streak may be even more so now.
  • This moon sign will affect us all but will have more of an effect on those who have the following in their charts.
    • Moon in Libra,
    • Sun in Libra,
    • Venus in Libra
    • Venus in Taurus
    • Moon in 7th house,
    • Moon in the 11th house
    • Moon in 1st house,
    • Any aspects to the Moon 


copyright Greta McKenzie Astrology, January 27 2015


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