Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

  • Date:  November 7 2022 @12:am (ET). November 6 2022 @ 9:15 pm (PT)
  • Moon Sign: Taurus: 
  • Moon Phase: 2nd
  • Void-of-Course: November 9th @ 7:00 am (ET) @ 4:00 am (PT) to moon in Gemini on about an hour later: Moon in Taurus v/c is one of the 4 “good signs”
  • Opportunity Period: November 8 @ 2:52 pm (ET) @ 11:52 am (PT) to moon into Gemini on the 9th: “Interesting OP with lots of good possibilities that could be surprising. Stay flexible” PB

     What does it all mean?

  • Taurus needs emotional and material security, so we may find we are more interested in our financial affairs.
  • This may prove to be a good time to make investments for the future or to begin plans for the next financially responsible phase.
  • Those with strong fire signs (especially Aries) may get impatient with those who are slower at making up their minds, take care not to push too hard guys and gals, it won’t get things moving any faster if you are dealing with folks who have a strong Taurus inclination. 
  • Taurus has lots of patience, indicating this could be a good time to deal with people/projects/situations that take up more time than is liked.
  • Things that give us pleasure, such as comfort foods, wine, relaxing, good music and giving/receiving “loving’s” are all things we may enjoy right now
  • Some of us may be feeling more frugal than usual, preferring to save our funds instead of spend them.
  • Take your time when the moon is in this sign, there is no need to hurry, and you probably won’t get very far if you do… so sit back and enjoy the ride… 🙂
  • Keep your temper under check if you can, Taurus is very, very patient and it takes a lot to make her angry, but watch out once she has had enough, she will certainly let you know..
  • This moon may be positive for: Advertising for sale of personal belongings, beauty treatments, buying clothes, buying a home, getting a hair cut to encourage thickness, moving, painting, pouring cement, starting a new job, savings account or training a pet.
  • This moon sign will have more of an effect on those who have the following in their charts.
    • Moon in Taurus,
    • Sun in Taurus,
    • Venus in Taurus
    • Moon in the 2nd house (house of finances)
    • Any aspects to the Moon
    • Ascendant or Mid-heaven in Taurus
  • Those with strong Libra/Venus placements (Venus rules Taurus and Libra) in their charts may also be effected, and to a lessor extent those with strong Scorpio/Pluto chart placements.

  • NOTES:

    Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, November 8th @ 6:02 am (ET) @ 3:02 am (PT).

  • The Full Moon, is said to be a good time to finish up anything that needs to be finished up… Even those projects that you began during one of the energetic new moon phases, can be finally put to rest.. 😊
  • During an Eclipse, the moon sign’s influence will be stronger, emotionally we will be led by Taurus’s’ needs. . Embrace your emotions during this time, for some of you that may mean an end to a relationship, “the end” isn’t restricted to physical relationships, such as our personal, work and play ones… it can also represent the relationship we have with ourselves. For some people, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse can bring illumination regarding an idea or a solution to an ongoing issue, to others, we can feel a little bit fuzzy, and perhaps slightly overwhelmed. It is easy to lose our tempers, it is easier to lose patience keep this in mind when dealing with others. The Influence of a Lunar Eclipse can last up to 6 months
  • The Full moon also represents completion, indicating that this isn’t the best time to begin anything new, it’s not impossible, however, keep in mind that you may be facing more challenges than you had previously thought. 😏
  • This Full Moon falls in the Sign of Taurus,  Taurus is one of the Earth signs, she is feminine and fixed, her main concerns are her comfort and security. We may be focused on our comforts during this time, feeling safe and secure in our surroundings, and were our finances are concerned will all become more important over the few days.
  • It’s a good time to slow down, no need to hurry, instead, take time out to enjoy the good things in life, especially those that pertain to the physical senses… 😊Take care not to over indulge with the comfort foods and red wine… 😉
  • This isn’t the best time for change, we may resist it, even if in the long run it is in our best interest… use the virtue of patience that is such a huge part of Taurus, and wait for about a week before jumping into anything new. If you are forced into change, and there is nothing you can do, hugs are sent, along with the suggestion to repeat.. “God grant me the Serenity to change the things that I can, to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference Reinhold Niebuhr

Full Moon ritual:

  • Get a piece of paper and pen or pencil
  • Write down on what it is, that you desire to be completed
  • If you have a desire to change your way of life in some way, such as becoming more healthy, finding a new job, picking up a new hobby, thus resulting in the “ending” of your current ways..(doing nothing, stuck in a rut, miserable about what you are lacking) write down those changes too…
  • Read the words you have written, let them sink into your being…
  • Take a fire proof dish, away from flammable products, light a candle or make a tiny fire..
  • When ready, take your piece of paper, read it again and ask the Universe, Spirit, God, Goddess, whomever you “follow” to accept your words and help you realize them. (Don’t forget to say “thank you”)
  • Put the paper to flame or place in the fire and burn the paper…
  • You have now set your intentions for the month, and in this case with an eclipse, you have created a ripple affect that will last up to 6 months. 
  • Take care what you “wish” for

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, will affect everyone to an extent, those with Taurus or Scorpio influences, especially those with 16 degree chart locations, will feel the effects the most. 

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The Moon and Astrology


In astrology, the moon is connected to our emotions and reactions… how we are feeling on a given day may well be influenced by the sign that is visiting the moon… Each sign stays with the moon for up to 2.5 days…. 🙂

The Moon Void-of-Course:

There are times throughout the month when the moon isn’t fully immersed in any sign… this is when we say the moon is Void of Course… and when this occurs, we may feel “foggy” and “unfocused” … We may not be sure how we are truly feeling about a situation or a person…. Therefore it is not recommended that we make long-term commitments or important decision’s while the moon is Void of Course…. However there are 4 signs in the zodiac which may prove positive during the Void-of-Course moon…

These v/c signs may prove to be quite productive times.

  • Cancer
  • Taurus
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces…

Opportunity Periods (astrologer Paula Belluomini):

There are other periods throughout the month that are known as opportunity periods, when it can prove to be a positive time for most people, however if you have challenging aspects happening within your own chart you may not be able to make use of opportunity periods.

Thanks to Paula Belluomini present day astrologer, William Lilly 17th century astrologer and Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide for opportunity periods, dates and times.

copyright:Greta McKenzie Astrology 11/07/22

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