Shining blue neon zodiac Mercury vector symbol
  • Astrology “Event” Mercury comes to visit with Sagittarius
  • Date: December 9th 
  • Time: 4:42 am (ET) & 1:42 am (PT)

What does it Mean? 

  • Mercury is the planet of communications and technology, he is what makes us think. 
  • Sagittarius is the most free-spirited of the fire signs. 
  • Fire signs like to have control and be organized, not in a crazy over the top way, but they do like to have control of their life… So it’s likely our thinking will have an element of control to it. 
  • We may feel the need to organize our thoughts, which may include organizing our home and work place so we can get our minds straight. 
  • Some of us may feel like taking an exciting travel adventure so we can learn about a new people or a new place. While others of us may be content with learning about far away places through video’s and books. 
  • Our thoughts might be quicker than usual, giving an aide to those of us who have Taurus in personal planets within our charts. 
  • Be patient with those who aren’t as quick on the uptake, this shouldn’t be too hard if we let the fun-loving side of Sagittarius have the lead. 
  • Be aware of feeling restless, if we let it get away with us we may end up getting into situations we don’t really want to be in. 
  • Mercury and Sagittarius may not always see eye to eye, indicating we should be prepared for some moments of distress, misunderstandings or upsets… Just remember we can’t always get what we want… 🙂 
  • Take advantage of this time to study and learn, it’s good for the soul and both Mercury and Sagittarius will be happier for it… 🙂 
  • This “event” will have a slight effect on all of us, but it will be stronger for those with the following in their charts. 
    • Sun in Sagittarius
    • Mercury in Sagittarius
    • Mercury in the 2nd house
    • Aspects to Mercury or the Sun
    • Any Gemini chart influences

Copyright: Greta McKenzie 12/04/2019

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