The goddess of love in Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology). Stock Photo - 42947331 Copyright : Iurii Kuzo
  • Astrological Event: Transiting Venus in retrograde motion moves into the sign of Libra

  • Date: October 31 2018

What Does It Mean? 

  • Venus is the planet of beauty and money, She is the Feminine opposite to Mars
  • She rules Libra and Taurus
  • Venus and Libra are happy together, they get along, Venus understands Libra’s need for harmony and Libra enjoys the beauty of Venus… 
  • Relationship issues will go easier with Venus here, negotiations will be smoother and hopefully solutions can be found to ongoing relationship challenges. 
  • Some folks get engaged under this influence… 
  • If you are looking for professional advice regarding your money, an accountant should be able to point you in the right direction, although banking and investment issues, can, and perhaps should, be left until Venus visits with Scorpio… 
  • Compromises can be reached during this time, it doesn’t matter if everyone doesn’t see eye to eye on everything, pick out the things you can compromise on and make your changes there. 
  • Some folk may need to watch their spending habits now, it’s very easy to be swayed by all the sparkles and beautiful things out there… 🙂 
  • Watch out for the charmers, because they may be even more convincing now… works well for those who need to get noticed in order to move ahead with plans. 
  • Those in the entertainment industry and who have a Leo influence in their charts, may look even more beautiful than usual under this influence… getting a new role or two could be on the agenda… 🙂 
  • Everyone will be affected by this influence … However, folks who have the following in their charts will feel the “Venus effect” stronger: 
  • Sun in Libra
  • Sun in Taurus
  • Venus in Libra
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Venus in the 7th house
  • Aspects to Venus
  • Midheaven in Libra or Taurus
  • Ascendant in Libra or Taurus

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(c)Greta McKenzie Astrology 10/29/2018

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