Astrological Event: Planets moving into a new sign
Date: March 6 2018: Mercury @ 11:34 pm March 5 (PT) and 2:34 am March 6 (ET)
Event: Two planets move into a new sign: Mercury and Venus both move into Aries: Mercury will remain in Aries (via retrograde) until May 14. Venus will remain in Aries until the beginning of April.

What does this mean?Mercury into Aries:

Mercury is the planet of communication, technology and transportation. He is the ruler of two signs: Gemini and Virgo.

Aries is a fire sign, he can be selfish, forward thinking and brave. He is action.

Mercury in Aries: It’s all about getting things done now… no more talking or planning it’s time for action. We can be more forthcoming in our conversations now and some of us will be braver about our speech, we aren’t as shy about saying what we mean and speaking up and out for ourselves and loved ones. However, for those who have more than one fire in their charts, it might be wise to “dampen” down the blunt side of your conversations… 😉 Extra care should be taken when driving, the speed signs are there for a reason… When rushing about trying to get things done, patience is recommended, it’s easy to get a bump on the noggin or a cut on the finger through rushing too much..

Venus into Aries

Venus is the planet of money, relationships, beauty, love and all things nice… 😉 She also rules two signs, Taurus and Libra.

Aries is the opposite sign of Libra. He is ruled by Mars, the planet of action/war.

Venus in Aries: Wow what a combination for all the lovers out there… Those in relationships that have just begun or on the verge of beginning can expect the relationship to either move ahead, or stop… there is no more time for wondering. In the physical department, it’s likely to be more “active” and a lot of fun.. 😉 … The down side to this combination is that some relationships may come to a rather quick end… which will be a challenge for the more sensitive folks, especially if they didn’t realize anything was amiss… :(.  Watch the budget while this influence is about, Venus loves beautiful things, Aries can be generous and other times he can appear to be “frugal”… However, fun can be had and beautiful things purchased when Venus and Aries are in positive aspect to one another… 🙂

copyright: Greta McKenzie astrology March 8 2018

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