Astrological Event:

Mercury Moves into a new Sign

New Sign: Taurus

Date: March 31 2017


What does it all mean?

Mercury is all about the mind… how we think… he is also the messenger and therefore relates to how we communicate… He rules over transportation, technology and innovation… He is the ruler of the signs Virgo and Gemini and is associated with the 3rd and 6th houses.

Taurus is about security, feeling good and enjoying the pleasures of the senses. She is sensual and “demands” comfort and is the happiest when she has savings put away for a rainy day. Money is important because it brings about the lifestyle and comfort needed.  Having a secure roof over one’s head is a must to reduce every day stress.

  • We can be slower at coming up with solutions to our every day issues, but solutions will be found if we give ourselves time enough to find them.
  • It is far better to put our minds to learning one thing well, then it is to trying to learn a little about a lot of things. Taurus doesn’t like being rushed, and she doesn’t learn well if she is.
  • Our finances may be in focus, and we may feel the need to pull out our paper work, to talk to our bank managers or financial advisors. It’s not so much of a worry, but more of a nagging sense of getting such things in order, so we can get the most out of our budget.
  • Shopping might be on the agenda for some, but it may not go as planned, finding that perfect outfit may be a challenge, but as with all things Taurus.. patience  can win out in the end… 🙂
  • We could find we are struggling a bit between wanting to feel fit and healthy and that pull towards doing just a little too much relaxing, especially those of us still the last grips of winter.. However, we are all encouraged to get  up and move, who knows some of us may be introduced to an exercise regime we can handle.
  • While Taurus loves her comfort foods, it is a good time to try and figure out a healthier diet, don’t go crazy though, as that may be a deterrent, start by cutting down on the “sin foods” a little bit at a time… add more greens and salads…
  • Common Sense rules the day under this influence, indicating it can be a good time to get down to business… clean out the cupboards, get paperwork in order, go to bed at a decent time, stick to routines, and get the chores done…
  • Watch out for being overly stubborn  just for the sake of being stubborn… be aware of your motives and why you might be saying no… don’t miss out on great opportunities just because you are grumpy or feel better in your jammies then having to get dressed and go outside and mingle.
  • For folks with personal fire signs in their charts, this might turn out to be a bit of a bumpy ride as you will have to refrain from being so impatient.. you won’t win against the strong Taurus influence… Give your slower thinking family, co-workers and friends a break for the next few weeks…Mercury goes Retrograde in April and will move back into the Fire sign of Aries
copyright: Greta McKenzie Astrology March 14 2017

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