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Transiting Mars into Aries January

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  • Astrological Event: Mars moves into Aries
  • Date:  January 28 2017 (ET) January 27 (PT)
  • Time: 12:39 am (ET) 9:39 pm (PT)


What does it mean?

Mars is the male planet, he is action and can be aggressive, he can be rash and selfish, but also work in heroic ways to help us move forward, speak up for ourselves and others and pushes us to experience new frontiers. He is the ruler of Aries and corresponds to the head, the blood and the muscles.

  • Aries is ruled by Mars and is connected to the 1st house in the zodiac wheel
  • Aries is primarily concerned with the self and loved ones.
  • Aries can be heroic and may act on impulse.
  • Aries is the opposite sign to Libra, Libra is ruled by Venus
  • When Mars visits Aries, he feels comfortable, indicting that for the most part it should be a positive “get together”
  • Take care not to over react or react too quickly regarding situations you don’t fully understand. Impulsive actions now, may result in corrections having to be made later on.
  • Some Folks can become quite passionate under this influence, sex may be on the agenda… especially between Aries & Libra …. who are quite compatible even though they are opposites.
  •  Be careful while driving, and take care when using sharp tools… rushing around won’t get you there any faster if you take an eye out on the way….
  • Headaches and head injuries may be on the “rise” under this influence
  • If you have any important decisions to make now… take time out to review all your options… ask someone to go over the paperwork first … or just take time to out to breath before jumping on the band wagon… 🙂
  • This could be a good time to speak up for yourself, to put your best foot forward and solider on even though you may feel a little unsure….
  • These with strong Aries or Mars chart influences will be more “involved” during this astrological visit… those with strong Venus and Libra chat placings may also be “included” in the visit… 🙂

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