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I recently read an article by David Suzuki which reminded me that even the smallest thing can have a big impact on our lives, our health and the health of our planet.

Do you use personal products such as body scrubs, facial scrubs or toothpaste containing microbeads? 

The tiny bits of plastic, less than five millimetres in diameter, are used as scrubbing agents. The problem is they are turning up everywhere, especially in oceans, lakes, and along shorelines and they are not biodegradable.

Research by the 5 Gyres Institute found an average of 43,000 beads per square kilometre in the Great Lakes, with concentrations averaging 466,000 near cities.


Love Who you A personal lesson:  When I was in my early 20’s I remember trying to please everyone- my family, my friends, my boss – and pretty soon I was feeling miserable and burnt out. Why? Because I had forgotten about ‘me’ in the process.

One day I was speaking with my great aunt about how I was feeling, and she said something to me that has stuck in my mind ever since.. She said “The most important and longest relationship you will ever have, is with YOU!”

In that moment, I realized if I was not happy with myself, then nothing else, outside of how I felt would make me happy. As I got older I realized I needed to ‘love and honor’ who I am – big bones, curly hair, and all!

I created an audio program called LOVE and HONOR YOURSELF to share my lessons and teachings with others. It’s intended to inspire you to live a more loving, confident and authentic life. Save 50% this month. Read full description and   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

My Spiritual Awakening
In the Spring of 2013, 10 years after my awakening, I found the courage to share that experience in a recording which I later called One Path to Ascension.  In this audio I share my understanding of the Harmonic Concordance, Harmonic Convergence, Frequency, Spiritual evolution and the lessons I learned from my ”awakening’

Its available for download along with a companion guidebook containing exercises to raise the frequency of your physical and energetic bodies. Save 50% this month  LEARN MORE HERE

Upcoming events

Join me Saturday September 26th or October 25th for a 1-Day retreat with my friend Julie Ditta. Drums provided.
Attendees will enjoy :Nutritious vegetarian meals, Peaceful nature setting, Personal time for rest and revitalization

Sep 26th   – Sacred Sounds, Singing bowls and Drumming 1-Day retreat . See Details Here

Oct 25th   – Sacred Sounds, Singing bowls and Drumming 1-Day retreat See Details Here

Live Your Best Life! Women’s Conference & Retreat 2016

Be inspired, feed your mind, nurture your body, uplift your soul and Live Your Best Life! You will experience all of this and more during the 3+ day We Move Forward women’s conference and retreat. Daily keynote addresses, interactive workshops, choice of movement sessions, and fun socials make-up this “crazy amazing” and “life-affirming experience.”

Your well-being – it is a known fact that it benefits from a healthy dose of insight, inspiration, meaningful connections and fun. And, it’s these ingredients that are blended together and served up daily at this women’s conference and retreat.

Save your seat today and be among us March 3 – 6, 2016.

Here’s where we will be staying on Isla Mujeres Mexico
Mia Reef Resort

CONTACT ME for more information on this 3-Day Women’s conference & retreat

Location: Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) Mexico

Until next time – Have a High Vibration Day!


About Dawn

Dawn James is the founder of an organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and support related to understanding and enhancing vibrational frequency for  overall health and well-being (personally and globally). Dawn became a sound healer and writer following a NDE and series of spiritual events in 2003 that opened her eyes and heart to the world of spirituality, higher consciousness and vibrational frequency.

Today she shares her knowledge and gift of healing through sacred sound circles, workshops, home study programs, radio, TV and retreats. She is an international speaker, green living advocate, musician and  author of several books on vibrational frequency.

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