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Sept 2015 Learn the Art of Meditation ~ MeetUp Group
Thursday September 24, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EDT
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Sacred Quest
118 John St East
Whitby, ON
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Meditation has become a popular tool for stress reduction & relaxation. The Western Medical Community, both the GP & the Psychotherapist, prescribe meditation to eliminate the symptoms of depression, anxiety & chronic pain. However, meditation is for much more than just stress reduction. It is the dynamic key for unlocking much happiness and success within your life. To unlock any treasure you must have the right key.
The key that works for your treasure box!
This is why many find the act of Meditation challenging – they were not given the right “tools” in the first place. Many more still are not really sure what meditation looks like, how it works or why they should even bother with it.
ONCE each month, Traci Trimble, a Masters of Metaphysical Sciences student with a major in Meditation will share with you the secrets of this ancient Eastern Art; providing you the tools to implement the form of meditation that best suits your needs and your lifestyle.  Come every month for new and valuable content that is part of a 7 series program; or simply come once, get what you need and find your inner zen on that night… either way you will get exactly what you need!
Seven Session Series; repeated every 7 months
Month 1. is an intro night  made up of 30 minutes for each of us to get to know one another. Followed by a brief introduction to the 6 key elements of successfully connecting to the Art of Meditation.
Month 2.  answers the questions what is meditation? and why meditation is so important?
Month 3. takes us through several different types of meditation so that you find the method that works best for you.
Month 4. is all about clearing your mind using breath; You will learn a simple method of putting yourself into a relaxed state in less than one minute (excellent for anxiety, meditation and insomnia).
Month 5. is a workshop style class that teaches you to stay connected during meditation with affirmations; and then creating the perfect affirmation for your practice.
Month 6.  is an incredibly powerful and life altering process of consciousness flowing that makes meditation easy and transformational; using Lakhani’s 6 phase meditation method – only customized to your needs.
Month 7.  wraps it all up by implementing creating your own  customized meditation practice at home!
With the exception of the introductory class, the 1st class of each 7 series cycle which is interactive, every class has 40 minute learning session; 10 minutes of group discussion and an activity or demonstration for 40 minutes; you will ONLY get the opportunity to get to know everyone in the  group on a personal level if you come to session 1 each cycle.  This makes the group an excellent support system.
Every class also has a 1 hour guided meditation class immediately following!
1. Art of Meditation classes: 4th Thursday monthly 6pm -7:30pm
A) one off class $15 + HST
B) series of all 7 class for $82 + HST; save $23  (except Sept program $72 for 6 weeks; as the intro class is full)
2. Art of Meditation; plus a 1 hour  Guided Mediation 

A) class & meditation one off $25 + HST; save $5
B ) add to series 7 sessions; plus $56 + HST; save $49  ($82 + $56 = $138 + HST)

3. Guided Meditation: 4th Thursday monthly 7:45pm -8:45pm
A) Meditation one off $15 +HST
REGISTRATION; note: NO refund for missed classes as a part of the package
“Learn the Art of Meditation” is a 90 minute interactive learning experience for women over the age of 16; It runs from 6pm – 7:30pm on the 4th Thursday of each month; a Maximum of 12 students per class;
 (IMPORTANT: you must preregister using the payment & registration link attached to the actual event; there are only 12 spaces available).
Register Now!
If you have any questions please contact Traci directly viaemail.

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