SGC Admin: The human “being” is fascinating… we have a physical body, which takes us where we need to be and helps us build our physical/material lives… we are an emotional being, this governs how we react and behave…. Our brains have evolved towards rational, yet creative thinking… And, perhaps the most fascinating of all is the spiritual part of our being, which reaches beyond that which we know and connects with a much gentler world… It is said that, if our emotional, mental and or spiritual “pieces” aren’t working well, it can manifest in the physical form, enabling dis-ease within us…
Happily there are folk out there who have questioned our “being” and who have taken the time to obtain holistic knowledge in order to help us achieve a balanced and healthy being, where all the parts work in harmony… One such person is Debbie Ruis, who is delighted to share her knowledge of Vibrational Medicine...

Please contact Debbie directly with your questions, for pricing, or to set up an appointment… 🙂

Angelic Pink Healing Energy Stock Photo - 36629986 Copyright : Nikki Zalewski

What is Vibrational Medicine

It is a natural holistic approach to health and well-being.

It works on all four levels;





It is the synthesis of current science and vibrational energy modalities
designed to treat the root cause of dis-ease, not just the symptoms.
The remedies are determined and created specifically for each unique individual.
They work on a deep cellular level yet subtle enough NOT to cause
any side effects with your current medications.
Vibrational Medicine is appropriate at every stage of healing for permanent results.

For a 1 hour consultation and up to 4 remedies contact:

Unique Vibrations

289-688-1449 or

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