Thank you to our followers, for your patience with us during this last year especially. Our posts have not been consistent, (consistency not being one of our strong points to begin with). The past 2 years, the “madness” has disrupted our well meant intentions of trying to be consistent. 🤔

For those who have “held the line” or taken a stand against the tyranny, we acknowledge and applaud your sacrifices and your bravery.

For those who thought they were doing the right thing, and now feel otherwise, we welcome you into the “fold”. Many of us believed we were doing what was right, based on the information we were given. 

For each and every one who respects the right to choose, who employs common sense and logic and ask questions, and who believe that no one should be denied the right to make a living, because they exercise the right to choose and believe in informed consent, we thank you.

Going forward, we hope and pray that the LIGHT will disperse the DARKNESS, that love will triumph over evil and that we will all get back to LIVING our lives in joy, without fear, without segregation or discrimination. And we hope that all those who have perpetuated the evil are made accountable.

61179994-zwei-glc3a4ser-champagner-mit-feuerwerk-hintergrund-illustrationHere’s to 2022.. Where the words, Freedom of choice and Human Rights once again mean what they did before the dreaded vid and vax become the be-all and end-all of our lives.

***A quick note for our Facebook followers,
Please note, we no longer check our Facebook pages, (personal or SGC), a decision we made to help hold our sanity in check..😉 Please contact us at astrostar61@hotmail if you have questions, comments or would like to get a hold of us for any other reason***

©Greta Mckenzie Astrology 01/01/22

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