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  • Astrology “Event”: The Planet Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius
  • Date: March 21 until the Beginning of August

What does it mean?

  • Saturn is the planet of restrictions, the old way of doing things, he is the authority of the zodiac and rules Capricorn
  • Aquarius is a future focused sign, he sometimes walks to the beat of his own drum… he is ruled by Uranus, the planet of chaos, change and shock… 
  • Saturn might not feel the most comfortable in this sign, so watch for misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • We can feel rebellious against the “system” 
  • Some folks may make changes during this time, which may create upset, or confusion… 
  • Be prepared to explain yourself, if you make decisions/changes that are out of character… however, for some of us explainations may not come easy, prompting the decision to walk away from a situation instead…
  • It may be possible to break out of the “mold” during this time… changes could be for the long term, so be sure before making the break… be honest and ask yourself, is the break for you, or is it just to show someone else what you are capable of? 😉 
  • There may be distruptions when it comes to “law and order” or rules and regulations… those in “charge” may need to be open to making some workable changes…
  • Saturn in Aquarius will have an effect on us all, but will have a stronger effect on folks who have strong Capricorn or Aquarius placings in thier charts. 

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