Astrology and how it affects our daily life: Saturn moves into Sagittarius

planet with asteroid rings in space Stock Photo - 12697346 : Dmitriy Denysov


  • Astrology “Event”: The Planet Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius where he will stay for quite sometime
  • Date: December 23 2014
abstract background with zodiac signs - Sagittarius Stock Photo - 15885697 : macchia


What does it mean?

  • Saturn is the planet of restrictions
  • Sagittarius is the sign of fun and freedom
  • For some of us this can be time of reeling ourselves in, becoming more serious about our jobs and our life in general. 
  • For others of us  it can mean a time of experimentation, trying new things or learning new skills
  • We will have times when we enjoy being out with the crowd and other times when we truly value our own space. 
  • Intellectual situations may not be so challenging and some of us may enjoy soaking up knowledge 
  • If you are in a job you don’t like, you may like it even less now, especially if restriction are placed on you or more responsibility is added. However, rash decisions are unlikely, where as taking time out to view your options seriously may be on the agenda. 
  • We may find more meaning in songs and stories and enjoy entertaining the elderly or connecting with authority types in a more relaxed way. 
  • We will all feel the effects of this “event” to some degree, however those with the following in their charts are likely to feel them more. 
  • Sun in Capricorn
  • Sun in Sagittarius
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • Jupiter in Capricorn
  • Saturn in Sagittarius
  • Saturn in Capricorn
  • Saturn in the 9th house
  • Any Aspects to Saturn or Jupiter