Have you seen this month’s East of the City? We were so grateful to be featured for a 2 page spread!
If you haven’t received a copy, you can check out the issue online.
“When temperatures rise, the urge to inject more colour into one’s life can become overwhelming. Vivid hues can be incorporated beautifully into the bedroom without being overpowering, evoking a sense of serenity while still being cheerful and distinctive. Our vision for this space was to achieve a sophisticated and feminine look, made fresh by the addition of modern accents. The ultra saturated wall is offset by cream painted wood pieces, white and silver contemporary artwork and the fresh dove grey background on the floral bedding. Using a wide spectrum of blue tones ranging from turquoise to slate provides depth and drama while maintaining a harmonious atmosphere. Tiny pops of citrine provide unexpected vibrancy and playfulness without taking away from the luxury of the look. Ultimately, we wanted this room to conjure a strong feeling of both happiness and tranquility, for restful nights and cheerful mornings.
Rousseau’s is a 3rd generation owned family business, located just a few blocks away from Downtown Whitby. Founded in 1929 by Louis Rousseau as an upholstery and antiques shop, current owner Peggy Gillis has transformed the business into a destination for inspiring interior design services and fine furniture. The design team at Rousseau’s loves to help clients achieve the home they deserve on their best day.”
These new lamps and accessories are the perfect addition to your spring decor. Fresh, airy & fun!
Rousseau’s, 216 Mary Street East, Whitby, Ontario L1N 2P5 Canada

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