Sun moves into Leo July 22 2019

 July 22 2019…..

10:50 pm (ET) 7:50 pm (PT)

Leo: Masculine: Fire: Fixed: ♌

  • Leo’s are fun people to have around as they enjoy being with company and many of them (not all) enjoy being in the spot light, so you can find lots of Leo’s who enjoy dance, acting, singing, rapping, writing etc. Leo is known as the “Hollywood” sign. :)
  • These guys and gals require the finer things in life, if this means they have to go without in order to wait until they can afford the object of their desire, then so be it… It’s all about quality over quantity with these guys, (well for the most of them anyway). :)
  • Leo’s possess a fabulous creative streak, of which they are advised to allow free reign as it’s an awesome way to let off steam or reduce the stress level.

Pride comes before a fall and some of you (especially if you have other Leo influences in your chart ) may be inclined to bossiness or a belief that you really are the best at all you do :) … 

Leo’s are fabulous at organization.

Leo’s can be determined and stubborn, so there really is nothing they can’t do… :)


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  • We remember our brother-in-law Jeff Scott on July 22, his birthday… 


SGC and Staff would like to send the following folks Very Happy Birthday Wishes

  • Phil M.
  • Liz M.
  • Chris R.
  • Donna D.
  • Marcel M.
  • Barry M.  

and to all who will be celebrating the Leo Zodiac….. Have a fabulous year…. :)

Astrology, and how it affects our daily life: Venus moves into the sign of Cancer: July 2019

Venus moves into the Sign of Cancer on July 3rd 2019

Time: 11:18 am (ET) 8:18 am (PT)

By Salvadorova

What does this mean?

  • Venus is the planet of beauty and money… She rules Taurus and Libra
  • Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is connected to the 4th house of domestic affairs and family.
  • We can be more nurturing and protective of and towards our loved ones…. However, we can also be on the defensive when it comes to our own personal safety.
  • Venus is naturally cautious, as she visits with sensitive Cancer, we may feel her indecisions, making as all a little more cautious when it comes to day to day dealings.
  • Romance may be on the books for some of us… take care though, and expect some emotional ups and downs as you move through the month with your special someone.
  • Cancer, loves to take care of her family and loved ones… it’s time for some tender moments, to be dedicated, kind and supportive to those around us… Family members and loved ones may receive special attention for the next few weeks…. 🙂
  • Take care not to be too clingy or needy, a little bit of cuddles and attention can go a long way… 😉
  • Keep in mind that Venus is about relationships and feeling/looking our best, while knowing we are safe and secure… And Cancer, being ruled by the Moon is a sensitive sign, she can over react to situations or harsh words, she needs to be loved and to love…. This combination may indicate some challenging times when it comes to close personal relationships… If this is the case, take time out to think before speaking, communication is the key to understanding each other… The timing of such communication is important, and should not be attempted while tired, angry or frustrated.
  • Feeling safe and secure within our surroundings and relationships helps us to put our best foot forward.

This Astrological influence will affect us all, but those with personal Venus or Cancer chart influences will be affected the most.

  • The Sun in Libra or Taurus
  • The Sun in Cancer
  • The Moon in Libra, Taurus or Cancer
  • Venus in Libra, Taurus or Cancer
  • Venus/Libra/Taurus in the 2nd or 7th house
  • Cancer/Moon in the 4th house
  • Any aspects to the Moon from Venus, from Venus to the Moon
  • Any aspects from the 2nd or 7th house to the 4th house

Dawn James Invites you to add to share positive vibrations… :)

SGC Admin: Hi folks… Dawn is a gentle woman eager to share her spiritual journey with others… 🙂 She is more than happy to share the following from her good friend
Klarque… the more positive news we share the better the light will shine everywhere… 🙂 

About Dawn James
She lived, she died, she awakened!
Dawn James founded Raise Your Vibration in 2003 when she realized that we are more than physical beings, we are spiritual beings designed to be happy and healthy co-existing in harmony with all living things.
“As the seals become broken, the veil lifted, and illusions fade, what remains is the realization that we are creative, intelligent, loving, Divine vibrational beings here to teach, learn, give and love.” ~ Dawn James

Do you have good news to share (in your community? your province or state? local hero? good Samaritan story?) Message me. My friend Klarque gets 2 Mill visitors/listeners a month to his network and wants to spread positive news from around the world. Message me so I can introduce you to him! Time to raise the vibes with POSITIVE news network!!

Contact Dawn by visiting her facebook page … Dawn and her hubby Ian also hold annual wellness retreats in COSTA RICA… 🙂 they are currently accepting reservations for their 2019 retreat… Heads up, these spots fill up fast… 🙂 

Dawn James “Raise your vibration” is also an author, and has finished the last book in her trilogy… Below is the first book in the Trilogy… 

Book 1
Learn how to raise the vibrational frequencies within you.


Sun Moves into Scorpio October 23 2018

October 23 2018 at 7:22 am (ET)/ 4:22 am(PT)

The Sun moves into Scorpio. 


Portrait of burgundy red haired girl representing Scorpio zodiac sign Stock Vector - 35595807 Copyright : kakigori

SGC Admin:… 🙂 While all folks will carry the core influence of the sun sign they are born under with them… the influence will have a different meaning, feeling or consequence for each person because of the following 👀

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   Influence of background and family environment from birth to young adulthood:
  • ♏♑♉🤓Other chart influences:
  • 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️     Male or Female…. 

It is what we are exposed to in life that helps to shape us, as much as astrology does… Understanding ourselves by understanding our charts, is a valuable life tool, which can assist us to work out our negatives so we may join them with our positives, ultimately, so we may be the best that we can be… 🙂 

Scorpio: Feminine, Fixed, Water

  • Scorpio folks are very sensitive beings, they feel everything intensely. 
  • They are fantastic detectives and great at research work, because they are happy to sift through all the information until they find what they are looking for. 
  • Scorpio peeps can be subtle, which allows them to manipulate situations and or people towards change. 
  • Negatively these guys and gals (because they are so emotionally sensitive) can struggle with feelings of jealously or obsessiveness, and can be drawn towards crisis situations and dangerous people. 
  • Scorpio is ruled by Pluto the planet of Death, Sex, Regeneration and recycling. Making Scorpio, resilient and interested in subjects dealing in death, religion, esoteric and mystery. 
  • Transiting Sun in Scorpio is moving through the 1st and 2nd house (equal). Focus will be on the self, (needs, wants and desires) and our financial and material security. This may mean some folks will need to keep an eye on the budget… 🙂 
  • The moon is in the 2nd quarter until the 25th.  Those with a strong Scorpio chart influence may experience thoughts and dealings in area’s relating to shared money matters, insurance, mortages and financial business dealings. This may be a potentially busy week for you guys…
  • It may be a good time to invest for your future security. Securing a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live, along with creating a balanced, working budget, creating a security when it comes to finances…  

Thanks to all Scorpio’s for their unrelenting drive and determination….

Happy Birthday

Claire, Milton, Tyler, Bromleigh, Diane and Jack….

& all who celebrate this Zodiac sign…. ☺


Greta McKenzie Astrology: 10/21/2018

Astrology: How it affects our daily life: The Sun Moves into Virgo August 23 2018:

Virgo: Earth: Feminine: Mutable:

Portrait of light brown haired girl representing Virgo zodiac sign Stock Vector - 35595805 copyright:kakigori

The qualities of Virgo encourage her to be steady and sensible yet flexible when the need arises…


Planets in retrograde motion: 

  • Mars in ♑ to August 27
  • Saturn in ♑ to first week in September
  • Uranus in ♉, ♈ to into 2019
  • Neptune in ♓ to November 25
  • Pluto in ♑  to the end of September

When planets are in retrograde motion, and especially when more than one planet is retrograde at a given time, we can expect delays, misunderstandings, re-doing, re-assessing, re-modelling… Issues from the past may resurface, and situations may repeat themselves. Life is unlikely to be moving full steam ahead… patience is advised, along with checking and double checking our work and communication skills… If you don’t understand something, ask… even if you feel “silly” doing so, it’s better to ask now and find out what you need to know, instead of waiting for some time in the future to find out you may have made the wrong decision based on the “wrong” information.

  • Virgo sees detail everywhere, all those little things that are so incredibly important to the smooth running of a home or a business, Virgo is onto them… However, because she craves perfection she can be overly critical not only of others but of herself too… this can push Virgo’s to work harder and longer then some of the other signs, but may also create upset as nothing may seem good enough…

  • Happy to help and assist others, Virgo people are happiest when they feel needed and are kept busy, they have a fabulous down to earth, logical outlook on life and can put things in perspective for others… Great at trouble shooting..

  • Virgo’s love to keep lists and they need organization somewhere in their life to help them feel balanced.

  • Personal hygiene may be important to some Virgo’s. Other’s may have good intentions but may not always find the time to follow through. Looking after one’s self through diet and exercise may be high on the agenda.

  • Virgo’s are advised to watch for a tendency to worry, especially over health issues, or for a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills. 😉

  • Many Virgo’s can be found working in the health field.

Birthday background with cartoon colorful balloon and birthday cake Stock Vector - 35862794 Copyright : Teguh Mujiono

Happy Birthday wishes go out to the following folks  & to all celebrating a Virgo Birthday...

 Happy New Year… 🙂

Jessica, Eva, Norm, Dayle, Cal, Dezi, Kenneth

On the cusp: (Leo/Virgo: Virgo/Libra)

David, Beanie, Joe 

SGC Admin: 🙂 Don’t forget that SGC offers astrology charts, horoscopes and astro readings… great gift ideas if you need to find some different for some special… 🙂 If you do decide to choose one of the above as a gift… they take us a while to complete so order in good time to be ready for that special day…. We recommend a couple of months in advance, longer would be ideal … 🙂

copy-write: Greta McKenzie Astrology August 23 2018: 

Sun Enters Gemini Sunday May 20 2018:

Sun into Gemini May 20 2018

illustration of astrological sign used in Western astrology to Gemini zodiac symbol Stock Vector - 6785104 Copyright : Katya Triling

  • Gemini is one of the dual signs of the zodiac, multi faceted, multi task orientated, and sometimes close friends and relatives would say multi person-ed…. 🙂 

  • Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet of communication Mercury, it’s easy to understand why some Gemini’s have the “gift of the gab” and are usually pretty adept at “small talk”

  • It’s not unusual to find a Gemini doing more than one thing at once, having two-part time jobs or signing up for all kinds of things.. 

  • Gemini folk need to be busy, if they aren’t doing, then they have to be planning something. A full date book is likely a happy if somewhat frazzled Gemini. 

  • And while their airy nature allows them to be easy-going and flexible for most of the time, don’t be surprised when they tell you no, when they don’t want to do something they won’t it’s that simple. 🙂 

  • Thanks for your enjoyment of life Gemini, for your ability to get lots done in a little bit of time and your ability to move along with the flow of life… 🙂 

funny cool dog drinking cocktails at the bar in a beach club party with ocean view Stock Photo - 32316016 Copyright : damedeeso

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to:

Annette: Debbie: Wendy: Cheryl: Christopher: Nicole:

And to all who have a Gemini Birthday… 🙂 Enjoy…

This months sun placement will influence those with Their Sun in Gemini:

And will have a lessor effect on those who have any of the following: 

  • Mercury in Gemini:
  • Moon in Gemini:
  • Ascendant in Gemini:
  • Midheaven in Gemini
  • Planets/Signs in the 3rd house
©Greta McKenzie Astrology 05/14/2018

Showcase your Made in Canada & Hand Made Products with SGC2

SGC Admin: Hi folks…

Image result for free glitter graphics shopping bags

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Have a fabulous day…

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