SGC Admin: Happy Earth Day Folks… there are so many ways to help clean up and keep our environment healthy… The David Suzuki Foundation wants your input… šŸ™‚ You may also like to check out the following link on Top 10 ways you can stop climate change

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Tell us your climate solutions

Dear DSF Community,

With an international agreement on climate action and so many new opportunities arising in Canada at the federal level, change is in the air.

At the David Suzuki Foundation, we’re evaluating where we can have the most impact.

Since the success of our work relies on you ā€” to make your lifestyle more sustainable, to influence decision-makers and to organize in your communities ā€” we want to know what would most inspire you.

Tell us your climate solutions

We’re considering focusing on better transit, renewable energy or electric vehicles ā€” or something else you recommend. Of course, all these things (and more) are necessary for a stable climate and a more secure future for all of us. But if we focus, we can have more impact.

Yes ā€” I’ll give my opinion on climate solutions!

We’re curious to know what you think ā€” and grateful for your time and continued support.


Reilly Yeo, Director of Communications and Public Engagement
David Suzuki Foundation


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