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Uranus turns Direct on December 25 2015:

Influence will affect us all but will have a stronger pull on those with personal Aquarius in their charts and perhaps to lessor degree those with a strong Leo influence. 

As this planet (of shock and change) gains speed, some of us may find we need to express ourselves, as we realize we can make changes to our world and that we don’t have to be the “victim”… Some of us may feel restless, with a desire to shake things up, perhaps even be a little rebellious.. Other’s may feel it’s time to take risks and chances, which may have quite the pull on those with a Leo influence or more than one sign in the 5th house.. As always, take care when involving yourself in risk taking. It’s time to listen to our own instincts, perhaps acting on them, instead of waiting for permission to do so or allowing ourselves to be pulled along the path of another.. 

  • Astrological “Event” Uranus Retrograde 
  • Date: July 26 to December 26 2015
  • Time: 6:38 am (ET) 3:38 (PT)
  • House (equal): 7th Relationships
  • Sign: Aries

While this astrological “event” will have a slight effect on all of us, it will have a stronger and longer lasting effect on those who have the following in their charts: 

  • Sun in Aquarius
  • Uranus in Aquarius
  • Ascendant in Aquarius
  • Mid-heaven in Aquarius
  • Uranus in 7th or 11th house
  • Sun in Libra (lesser effect)
  • Sun in Leo (lesser effect)
  • Any aspects to Uranus

What does it all mean?

  • Uranus is the planet of shock, change and rebellion. He rules Aquarius. 
  • Retrograde, Uranus “appears” to be going backwards from the earth’s perspective. A good time to re-do, re-invent re-assess. 
  • Relationships will be in focus over the next few months, all of them. 
  • Finding out which relationships work and which don’t is going to be the assignment. It may be a challenging time for those in bad or negative relationships as they begin to recognize they are in such relationships. 
  • A shake up is needed in all and any area’s of life that are not satisfying, uplifting or positive. This “shake up” may begin slowly and pick up momentum as the months go by. Making way for action once Uranus turns direct again. 
  • While this may be a somewhat unsettling time for some, it is wise to take heed of the need for change, and use this time to make ready for that change. 
  • Getting our emotions sorted is the key to understanding what we need to do next. This can be done by re-assessing our future plans and taking a good long look at what we want and where we are heading.  
  • Take time to seek out trusted folk who are ready to listen and who give unbiased sound advice. 
  • Be cautious of other’s who, once they are aware of unsettling circumstances, may try to take advantage and direct you towards avenue’s only fit for their own personal agenda’s.  
  • Where your morals and ethics are concerned stay true to yourself, as you invite much needed change into your life
  • In essence this could be a Shake up and somewhat challenging period for many of us… don’t be shy, “change is as good as a rest” … 


©Greta McKenzie Astrology 6/26/2015

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