SGC Admin: Check out what Traci of True Path Consulting has coming up … Please note time is running out for you to use any gift certificates relating to The Tranquil Garden please see below… 

*NEW* Booking Appointments with Traci Online!
go to TraciTrimble.YouCanBook.Me

I am loving the new and free technology that is out there these days.  Specifically YouCanBook.Me – so I now have the tools for my clients to book an appointment with me and I only have to manage my google calendar… which I was doing anyway!  So, when you are looking for a Talk Therapy Session, Empowerment Coaching, Energy Work or any combination of these treatments for Business Mentorship or Spiritual Guidance it is easy to not only book but to also to reschedule.  Love it! Check it out here.

$15 Empowerment Sessions
Group Programming ~ Learn to Heal Yourself

I am very passionate about being able to offer affordable tools for Self Care; specifically tools for Self Awareness and Self Healing. I LOVE to teach and my purpose is teaching YOU to learn about yourself, heal what it hurt and then grow into the person you are truly meant to be.  I also want to make a healthy living doing what I am passionate about.  The awesome compromise for this juxtaposition is group healing sessions.  Check out my 90 minute Empowerment Session for just $15 + HST here.

Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling
Traci is back in School!

I love to learn – especially anything about deepening awareness through Spirituality, the Human Mind and Energy Work.

In May of 2015, I was gifted with both the time and the opportunity to pursuit my life long learning dream of attaining my Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling (Mc.D) and my Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching.  I am on track to graduate in January of 2016 and plan to have my Ph.D thesis finished by June of that same year.
Even today, I love to share with my students what I am learning in Conscious Spiritual Realization, in Metaphysical Principals, in Transcendent Awareness and the Psychology of Consciousness; so I look forward to continue to do so as:
Dr. Traci Trimble, Mc.D; Ph.D

The Conscious Woman Program
Online Programming Coming in 2016

I am “passionately” creating an affordable, interactive and empowering 7 modular personal and spiritual development program for women focused on building Inner Awareness for Outward Success.

As you “engage” through each module you are creating the tools that work best in your Life to bring to you Self Awareness, to be able to acknowledge then let go of your demons, to be able to finally make a commitment to who you truly want to be, so that you are not only Living on Purpose but also Living Your Best Life!

Personal Development Possibilities
The Event Calendar for November 2015

I am very excited to share the personal, professional and spiritual development events that are happening in November 2015.  Check out the *new* Exploring Energy Healing discussion group, gift yourself with Soul Healing Circle or Guided Meditation, finally take the chance to connect to Reiki 1st Degree or Conscious Entrepreneur.  Find the details here.

*REMINDER*  Tranquil Garden Gift Certificates
Last Chance to Book with Traci using Your Gift Certificates…

As was announced in May 2015, and since the beginning of September, I have been doing my very best to honour the Tranquil Garden Gift Certificates that were unfortunately left outstanding.  This is a gentle reminder that YOU must bring to my attention, before December 20,2015, that you have a Gift Certificate.  If an appointment or an intention to use them has not been set with me by then I will not be able to assist you. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate toemail me directly.

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