SGC Admin: Halloween is a fun time, where things out of the ordinary are going on… 🙂 However, for some of our furry family member’s it can be as scary as a thunder-storm…

Check out the following tips on keeping your furry family member feeling as safe and loved as he/she truly is on this coming “All Hallow’s Eve”… 🙂

Halloween background trick or treat animals in Halloween costume Stock Vector - 31870703 Copyright : Dmitriy Pantyukh
  • Don’t force fluffy to face her fear, if she wants to run and hide that’s o.k..
  • Don’t get yourself all in a tizzy, it will only make fluffy worse… speak calmly and reassure her all is well. 
  • If you have a t-shirt handy for Chester, put it on him, it might just give him the sense of security he needs
  • This could be the perfect time to go over some of those tricks you have been teaching Chester, it will get his mind off all of the noise and the reward of his absolutely favorite treat is sure to distract him… 
  • Pop on some classical music, or give furry filly a tummy massage, 🙂 everyone will be feeling relaxed in no time. 

Source: Whitby This Week Advertising October 22 2015:

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