SGC Admin: Durham Residents can dispose of their gently used items in Durham Regions Reuse Day… Check the following…. 

a funny newspaper holding a sign with recycling logo Stock Photo - 15616542 Illustrator: Paola Canzonetta

When: October 24 2015

Where: Durham Region Waste Management Centre: 4600 Garrard Rd. Whitby. 

Time: 9 am to 1 pm

Event: Residents are encouraged to bring forward “good quality” items which will be transferred for use by Habitat For Humanity ReStores, Canadian Diabetes Association, Goodwill and Salvation Army. Please Note: Hazardous waste, unwanted electronics, items that are overly worn, used or in disrepair will not be accepted. Your cooperation is appreciated… 🙂 

Reuse days take place once per month from now until October. 

Contact: 1-800-667-5671 or visit

source: Whitby This Week October 15 2015

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