SGC Admin: This is an important Draft for everyone, including the chickens and turkey’s that provide us with a food source…

It’s important that our Chickens and Turkey’s are treated with care and compassion, and that they have a “quality” lifespan and a humane demise… Now we have a chance to speak up and step forward … ūüôā¬†

Chickens on homesteading Stock Photo - 44348341 Copyright : Leo Malsam

The new draft code includes such suggestions as: 

  • Improvement in the welfare of chickens & turkeys beginning with a shift in lighting regimens, providing a minimum of 4 hours of dark/rest time for the birds. (up from 0 to 1 hour). CFHS feels birds should be given up to seven hours per day.¬†
  • New requirements for immediate vet care for sick & injured birds
  • Human Euthanasia.¬†

CFHS would like to see included in the finale draft:

  • Feeding of the birds every day to relieve their chronic hunger, but first the genetic selection that causes their massive appetite and rapid growth needs to shift.¬†
  • Agreed upon limits on lameness injury & mortality rates on Canadian bird farms are needed in order to increase the industry’s humane standards.¬†
  • Hot blade trimming of beaks and toes needs to be phased out in¬†favour¬†of infrared trimming, which is much less¬†invasive & less painful.¬†
  • A decrease in the number of birds housed per square meter.¬†
  • Birds who are not suffering, yet are killed anyway should be called humane killing and not euthanasia.¬†

Who can give their input: The General Public: Industry: Stakeholders: Breeders: 

For more information or to make your comments.. please go to: www.

source: Whitby This Week; Kristen’s Kritters 905-215-0427

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