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New Essential Oil
White Cypress Leaf Essential Oil
New Special Added – Labdanum Absolute
New Essential Oil Added-
(not on special)
White Cypress Leaf Essential OilWe are thrilled to welcome White Cypress Leaf Oil straight from the wild Australian outback. Lemony-fresh and oh-so-uplifting, this energizing oil is an activating addition to your salt inhaler, diffuser, healing balms, cleaning supplies, or for use as fresh forest cologne. White Cypress Leaf Oil has been historically used for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a TLC treatment for chest colds, congestion, and skin conditions…..More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)

Feverfew Essential Oil

(not on special)

Living Libations Feverfew Essential Oil harnesses the pure plant power of Tanacetum parthenium, a green shrub that boasts bright, daisy-like flowers with whimsical yellow centers.
The oil obtained from this plant is one of the best-known natural remedies for frequent migraine headaches, and has been studied in a variety of clinical trials by some of the top medical institutions in the world. But Feverfew Essential Oil is not just for migraine sufferers!….More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
(not on special)

Living Libations Boronia Absolute is a delicious, delectable fragrance experience distilled from the petals of the Australian Boronia shrub. Meek and unassuming at just a meter high, this shrub bursts with art-deco like flowers: a purple-brown on the outside, bursting with vibrant yellow on the inside. The petals form a cup shape meant to welcome pollinators, while the complex, fruity, floral aroma of the flower’s oil leaves bees no choice but to enter the sacred petal folds…… More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
House of CITRINE
Interview with Nadine Artemis

Nadine's Interveiw at The House of Citrine

“Magical” only begins to explain the depth in which Nadine Artemis lives, where her unique perception and alchemical touches are honed to usher in some of the earth’s most vibrant and special offerings. Her self-care line Living Libations, handcrafted by she and her husband Ron, gives a powerful voice and vision to holistic skin and oral care. Nadine’s formulas for oils, chocolate, and self-care essentials have an origin as pure and natural as the spirit with which they’re created. Her work is inspired by her lakeside sanctuary in Canada, where the omnipresence of nature forms the alliances smoothed between person and plant and a perfect habitat for co-creation. Nadine and Ron, her partner and Chocolate Yoga guru, are honorbound to sharing their abundances of knowledge through their botanical channel, dedicated to serving the highest health to all who care to embark. We know you’ll enjoy our introduction to the arts and graces of Nadine, Ron, their son Leif, and their Joshua Tree family getaway…….Read Article

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