SGC Admin: From our inbox to you From: Living Libations. News and Products..

SGC Admin: From our inbox to you From: Living Libations. News and Products..

Dry Brushing for the Lymph System
Lymph Tonic, Breast Care Bundle, Cell Serum
on Special and More
Dry Brushing for the Lymph System with Essential Oils
Dry Brushing for the Lymph System with Essential Oils

Several essential oils show promise in preventing or reversing imbalances that accumulate in adipose and lymph tissue. Grapefruit, frankincense, cypress, and rose otto oils contain abundant amounts of monoterpenes, a class of botanical chemicals.Breasts contain an abundance of lymph vessels that support the circulatory system in maintaining proper fluid balance. The health of our lymphatic systems is intimately connected to our breast health. Lymphatic flow can be obstructed by tight bras, poor posture, lack of exercise, shallow breathing, and tight neck, shoulder, chest and back muscles……More  (To view in our Canada Store click here.)

Cells in our breasts can regenerate.
Breast massage with specific botanical oils is a simple step to keep our breasts healthy. The skin on the chest is thin and breast tissue contains a great deal of fat, which readily absorbs the protective blessings of lipophilic essential oils and infused-herbal oils. Working synergistically, these botanicals may prevent and reverse cysts, rejuvenate cells, and increase immune cell activity….More  (To view in our Canada Storeclick here)

A positive surprise
At first the smell didn´t strike me as appealing but after using it for the first time something happened. Now I find the smell so grounding and foresty. I really love the smell now. I think every woman needs this on their nightstand to have a daily ritual to give her breasts some love and attention, if only for acouple of minutes. I´ve seen great results with breast massage  

“This breast oil is amazing! Just like everything else I have tried from living libations 🙂 I rub this on my breasts a couple times a week and every time I do it, I smell so good and I feel so good. I feel like my breasts are really benefiting from the oils in this product and I love the mission behind it. Thanks, Nadine, for everything you do!”

Amazing Difference
“I’d like to make a long overdue comment on Nadine Artemis’ wonderful creation, Breast Massage Oil. I first tried this product in March 2013, just after it became available. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful fragrance, but moreover is how soft it makes my hands feel just after using it. The palms of my hands so incredibly soft and smooth, as is the skin on my breasts. I have large breasts and unfortunately I also have stretch marks. Not just from the large breasts themselves but also from how large they became while breastfeeding. The stretch marks started to resemble scars in the way that the skin became raised, keiloiding, had occurred. After approximately 6 months of using the Breast Massage Oil I realized something was changing. I’m not really sure what this beautifully fragrant oil does to the tissues inside my breasts, but I can tell you that the skin surface itself has improved. The most amazing difference is that the raised area for the stretch marks that seemed to keloid has shown reduction, and do not rise above the skin. There are still some white lines but not scar tissue like anymore! I love this oil and use it every morning after showering!” 
Living Libations’ Lymph+Tonic is an undiluted blend of circulation-enhancing essential oils that effectively generate lymphatic flow throughout the body. Used on its own or in combination with dry brushing, Lymph + Tonic helps the rivers of the lymphatic system flow fluidly and function at optimum levels.

….More (To view in our Canada Store

 click here)


what a wonderful way to wake up each morning…a few delicious drops for sublime body brushing!

rosy skin everywhere

I just started using this and it makes dry brushing so much more effective.  It brings all the blood to the surface and you can feel the lymph moving….I feel like my whole body glows after using this!

Great with massage
I use with dry brushing but also after a shower I mix 3 drops in some cocanut oil or other favorite creams and enjoy a full body massage-it’s good for you all over especially the lymph nodes 

Our Vanilla Chamomile Lover Lips is a richly beautiful balm filled with extra nourishment and delicious oils to revivify dry lips. This night and day replenishing balm cushions lips with plumping fatty acids and natural lipids. Deep-conditioning essences of cape chamomile, lavender flowers, and vanilla oleoresins are infused into the balm’s reparative oils and restorative waxes for parched puckers in a need of some serious tender loving. All Pure Organic and/or Wildcrafted Ingredients: Golden jojoba oil, tamanu oil, and happy beeswax infused with vanilla, frankincense, silver fir, cape chamomile, and carrot essential oils…..More (To view in our Canada Store click here)

This balm saved the day at Raw Spirit

After 3 days in the Arizona sun my lips were so dry. This balm saved the day. Nice and mild and very soothing on dry lips.

lips so soft, elegent scent

this is the best lip balm i have ever used. it makes my lips so soft and kissable. the balm stays on for a very long time and leaves lips really nourished. amazing value.

Only thing that works!

Love the Lover’s Lips – only thing that has Ever worked on my lips!!!

Best Lip Balms in the World

“I am enjoying the essential oils and these are the BEST lip balms in the world. I have never tried lip balms like these. Thank-you.”
Cell*Serum is phytonutrient face food that seeps into cells for cellular respiration and rejuvenation. Powerful anti-oxidants enhance sovereign cellular function.

Ingredients of organic: cumin seed, broccoli seed, jojoba oils, with MSM infused into seabuckthorn berry, frankincense, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, turmeric, and immortelle….More  (To view in our Canada Store please click here)

my face is glowing

Received my items in the mail and I was so excited!! Thanks for sending it so quick! Cell serum is a new product for me and after using it tonight my face is glowing and my love commented that I looked lovely without my makeup and smelled divine!!!! Thanks for creating such beautiful products!

Delicious Nectar!

The best product that LL makes. This serum smells fantastic, awakens the senses, brightens my skin and gives me a rosy glow immediately. I like to exfoliate my face with baking soda then apply this serum. It softens lines and plumps my skin. The Cinnamon gives a pop and a tingle to my face, a great wake up in the morning! I also like to apply this after a day outside in the sun, it gives my skin a drink and instantly makes sun kissed skin seem less thirsty. The serum goes on dry and does not leave an oily touch. Feels very nutritional. The best ever!

Glowing Happy Skin!
The cell serum has really impressed me! I am 24 and have been converting to only natural and safe products on my skin for the past 5 years. This is one of my favorites by far! I used to use a $170 bottle of skinceuticals vitamin c serum (for extra protection) but switched to the cell serum and am thrilled with this decision!! My skin glows more than ever before and drank this up immediately. Skin feels so soft and this also brightens the skin. Smells DELICIOUS and fresh. Skin may get a little pink when first absorbing because the ingredients are very warming, but you can feel it working into the skin. Beautifully made. You can mix a little with the Sea Buckthorn oil if desired. I wouldn’t go without this or the All Seeing Eye Cream! Both will enable you to wake up with a flawless glow. 
Our nourishing Night Nectar illuminates skin cells from the inside out. Infuse your skin with repairing botanicals while you dream of toning regeneration. Relax in slumber while this hard-working nectar takes the night shift!

For it is in the dew of little things that the skin finds its morning and is refreshed. Living Libations activating Night Nectar penetrates deeply into the dermis, illuminating skin cells from the inside out. Apply to fine lines, wrinkles, and any area of the skin that yearns for extra succulence…..More (To view in our Canada Store click here)

Beautiful Blend

I just received the large sized bottle of this after taking a gamble that it would be a great product just looking at the ingredients-it is even better than I expected.  I’ve tried Dew Dab and Zippity Dew Dab in my night routine in the past and benefitted from each but I love the addition of the Broccoli Seed oil which makes the consistency a bit thicker and easier to control coming out of the bottle. In one application my skin has a healthy glow and feels nicely moisturized. It has a lovely light smell-the chamomile and Frankincense really stand out. Delicious!

Love This Moisturizing “Nectar”
I mix this with the Rose Glow Serum at night and I love the way my skin glows after wards, it leaves my skin moisturized but not oily, Thank you for making such beautiful skin care products! 

Sunny floral-fruit cheer….. More (To view in our Canada Store click here)

Happy happy happy
Bergamot is one of my favorite oils. It is a total mood lifter. If I smell it deeply, it smells like Black Tea. I use bergamot if I am feeling sad, lethargic, irritated or angry. I don’t know how but somehow, it lifts all the bad moods away. It is a guaranteed happy maker.
Bergamot Butterfly
This essence carried me through visions of a butterfly in still flight in the center of my heart, effortlessly beating it’s wings in perfect rhythm with my original purpose.

Summer sky blue healing messenger to calm, counsel and align…….More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)

Nadine, the Yarrow is magnificent!  I can’t stop looking at it or dispersing it in bath salts ( so pretty ), room sprays and in jojoba!  It made a nice addition to my little gifts… And as a room spray in a clear glass bottle (with cape chamomile, benzoin, lemon, lavender and friends).
Living Libations Labdanum Absolute is a warm, rich, potent absolute commonly used in meditation and spiritual quests. Extracted from the oleoresin of the rockrose plant, this elixir is a richer, more concentrated version of Rockrose Essential Oil, with a host of benefits unique to the absolute alone.

  ……More   (To view in our Canada Store click here.)

Living Libations organic Vanilla Essential Oil is a pure, potent supercritical extract distilled from the velvet inner-orchid-nectar of the Madagascar vanilla bean. This solvent-free oil is 200 times stronger than common Vanilla extract used in cooking, and 14 times stronger than “10-Fold” Vanilla extract. The exotic, exciting aroma of our Vanilla Essential Oil is perfect for perfumes and pure enough to use in the kitchen. Dilute in virgin coconut oil and add a drop to smoothies, honey, chocolate making, and desserts. ……More (To view in our Canada Store click here)

Deep, earthy, grounding
“This is my first oil from Living Libations and it smells so earthy and deep. I put a dab on each wrist in the morning and it grounds me all day! Definitely not for those wanting light, fresh, flowery. To me it smells a little rougher and tougher, which is a nice change!  I would say this could be just as nice on a man as on a woman.”

Our organic Roses Over Geranium Essential Oil combines the regulating effects of Rose Otto with the immune-boosting power of geraniums. Both oils contain potent skin healing properties, making this co-distillation a popular treatment for broken blood vessels, capillaries, varicose veins, spider veins,cellulite, acne, and oily skin. This oil may give skin a gorgeous, natural glow by stimulating blood circulation and removing toxins from the body……..More (To view in our Canada Store


Wow, this distillation is way more gorgeous than I expected!  It smells magnificent.  Thank you!
Shipping & Order Information for the Holidays

To ensure that you receive your order in time for the Holidays, please see the below guidelines for dates to place your order by, depending on location and the shipping method you choose.

**Please Note – the dates listed below are from the day your order is shipped from our facilities NOT when you place your order. Please allow a week (7 days) for processing.**
Within Canada:
Expedited- Please place your order by December 11th
Xpresspost – Please place your order by December 22nd
Within USA:

Regular mail (Small Packet/Tracked Packet) – December 4th

Express- December 16th

Small Packet Air- November 13th

Express – December 10th

Ron and Nadine

  Living Libations| Box 369, Haliburton, Ontario  K0M 1S0 | Canada |

SGC Admin: From our inbox to you from “Living Libations” News, specials and more…

SGC Admin: From our inbox to you from “Living Libations” News, specials and more… 

Woman’s Wellness Conference
Sun Dew Transdermal Vitamin D Crème Honey Myrtle & Fragonia
On Special and More
Living Libations
Living Libations
Tamanu Organic Oil
A Tahitian-dream, a Polynesian prayer, an ancient remedy of restorative skin repair! Cold-pressed from the fat, succulent nuts of the Tamanu tree, this organic oil is more than just a carrier oil “a cross between fatty and aromatic oils – an aromatic fatty oil” is a powerful addition to any skincare serum. Known for its stunning capacity to heal the skin, Tamanu has been used for centuries throughout Polynesia and Southeast Asia to heal burns and wounds, fade scars, treat skin ulcers, and relieve pain. Tamanu is packed with beneficial lipids and fatty acids, rendering it effortlessly absorbed by thirsty skin.
More (To view in our Canada Store click here)
Living Libations
Honey Myrtle
Zesty lemon is lassoed and tamed by soothing, warm notes of honey on the range. The lemon-fresh freedom of the breaking summer day might run away if it were not for the reassuring warmth of pure honey – the glistening namesake of our Honey Myrtle Essential Oil. Use this delicate-scented oil to lift the spirits, improve concentration, and ease mental stress…More   (To view in our Canada Store click here )
Living Libations
 Fragonia Essential Oil
Rejoice in the balanced perfection of Living Libations’ Fragonia Essential Oil. Hailing from the wild, friendly winds of the Australian outback, the elements in Fragonia oil are perfectly balanced. When you surround yourself with such balanced elements, you will discover your own inner state of perfect homeostasis. Gentle yet powerful, our Fragonia oil relieves muscle pain, reverses respiratory infections, and stimulates the immune system. Its compelling aroma is said to be an extremely powerful emotional healer….More (To view in our Canada Store click here .)

Absolutely divine.
The essential oil of the fragonia flower is absolutely divine. I was immediately intrigued upon reading its description for its said uplifting properties- and my goodness did it deliver. I am prone to the blues, and this oil most certainly remedies my gloomy moods. I highly recommend this oil, I personally skin brush with it and can feel my skin cells smiling as I do. Truly, truly one of the most beautiful oils that has ever blessed my being.

At One Within
With each delicately complex inhalation, Fragonia completely restores the natural balance of intrinsic duality.  

Fragonia is one of my absolute favorites so far!  It’s great for putting inside the nose and ears before air travel and crowded conditions – another awesome tip from Nadine:)  It’s such a beautiful floral fragrance that funny enough, it’s one that I’ll ingest a drop of for immunity and wonderful calm clarity.
Living Libations
Rosalina’s lavender scented pedigree make it a fantastic insomnia treatment, and its calming properties ease the discomfort of emotional and spiritual transitions. Like thyme linalool and lavender essential oils, Rosalina contains a high level of linalool, the calming botanical compound that makes this oil so relaxing. The chemical composition of authentic Rosalina essential oil boasts anywhere from 42-62% linalool….More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
Living Libations
Manuka Essential Oil

Our Manuka Essential Oil is steam-distilled from the flowers of the manuka shrub, which is a favorite feeding place for Australian honeybees. It is from these bees that Manuka Honey is made. Bees are not the only ones who love this plant’s healing powers: Kakariki parakeets are also big fans of manuka! These parakeets harness the antiviral and antibacterial properties of manuka to eliminate parasites on their skin and feathers (1). In addition to rubbing themselves with manuka leaves, these birds chew the leaves into a paste, and apply the paste to their feathers!….More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
Living Libations
Tansy, Blue Essential Oil
Living Libations Tansy Essential Oil, commonly known as Blue Tansy and Moroccan Chamomile, is a sweet, earthy-apple-scented oil rich in azulene to cool inflammation. Known as a super-soother, high in sesquiterpenes, our Tansy Oil is wild-crafted and steam-distilled from the flowers of this Moroccan herb. Tansy is known for its floral-fruity-like aroma, its power to calm inflamed skin and respiratory systems, and its ability to treat damaged, burnt, or bruised skin. Sore muscles and underactive systems may also benefit greatly from our true Blue Tansy Essential Oil.

More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
Oceanic bliss
Deeply surrendering, with grounding visions of standing at the very bottom of the deepest oceanic floor, breathing in the sweet ancient original essence of life.
Living Libations
Let the sun vitamin shine into your skin with SunDew Trandermal Vitamin D Creme. Daily skin dew with organic ingredients rosewater, rosehips, aloe vera, jojoba herbal infusions of horsetail, nettles, marshmallow, sea buckthorn; Vitamin D3; rosewax; sandalwood, turmeric, ginger, immortelle, frankincense, lavender, rose otto, palmarosa & thyme linalool; rosemary & sage antioxidants. Along with optimal vitamin D intake, topical vitamin D application can create a rejuvenating and quenching effect on skin. Sundew is a unique formula that delivers pure botanicals, potent vitamin D (2000 IU per application on face and over 100,000 IU per jar) to revitalize, hydrate and sustain your skin’s healthy glow….More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)

Restores my Confidence and Skin
I have been suffering from very severe psoriasis on my face and neck for close to a year. I have literally tried everything….. for the first time in a long time i have my skin back, thanks to your amazing products. It is said there is no cure for psoriasis but over the course of 2 months using your skin products my skin is so clear it is like it was never there. The scars are even disappearing. Thank you so much for restoring my confidence, and filling my life with inner love and care.
My dry skin is a glo!
I’m a big fan of BSE, use rose glow serum and soothe sayer for my dry skin but this winter has been really harsh for some reason. I’m 48 so maybe getting close to the “change” could be the culprit. I ordered cell serum and got Sun Dew crėme to see if this would help. I put 3 drops of cell serum mixed into just a dime size of crėme went to bed, woke up this morning and “WOW” glowing dewy skin! Thank you Nadine for your concoctions, i love that they are natural essential ingredients, my fine lines are now sucking back into my face, thank you thank you thank you!!!!
The healing properties of this cream are incredible. This winter has been exceptionally cold in the northeast, and so my hands were cracking, and bleeding, and really causing me a lot of pain, which was very unexpected because my hands rarely ever get dry. I ordered this cream to remedy the situation, and also because it has the added benefit of being “sun vitamin D” cream. Well it just seems taunting that this past summer was SO beautiful and the winter’s been so harsh, but this cream covered the difference! Seriously, in a night my hands were back to normal, and I mean they were BAD. This cream seriously works wonders, love it. I want to warn, though, for anyone who has baby skin like me-which is to say very sensitive and thin, thus prone to whiteheads with too thick of oil or cream-only apply a **pin** sized drop on the face every couple days or so ^.^
Living Libations
Our Chocolate Best Skin Ever is a sensual, silky body oil, rich in lipids that sink into the body like warm chocolate. Use for massage, or after bathing to melt away stress and dry skin. This beautiful body oil is perfect for the skin after swimming and sunning……More (To view in our Canada Store click here)
This stuff is awesome .. Smells so sweet and soft, and sinks right into your skin and makes it silky soft. I can’t live without it after a shower, YUM

Golden Heaven
I just love how all of Nadine’s products make me feel. And I just love how the Chocolate BSE make my pale white skin have color, and i love the smell too. This with the Everybody loves Sunshine are a must for summer.

Nothing compares to your best skin ever.
“Dear Nadine and Ron, first let me thank you for your quick delivery of these outstanding skin care products. I really tried a lot, but nothing compares to your best skin ever. I love the odor of the best skin chocolate. My skin absorbs it as if it was thirsty! Thank-you”
Living Libations
Moccasin Flower is a Skippy Wood Nymph perfume that blossoms a bouquet of adventure for your quiver. Immerse yourself in amber notes of fresh, fragrant earth as you muse upon the verdant richness of the natural world. While sweet, sensual blossoms sparkle with nectar-notes caressing you like the warm wind. This rich cordial of rockrose, ylang, vetiver, silver fir, jasmine and a squeeze of orange, add spring to your stride and joy to your earth ride.
….More (To view in our Canada Store click here)

I think this is a magical scent. It all fits together into a cohesive whole like a great perfume should do. It’s my signiture scent and my favourite of the many living libations scents that I have tried.It’s sweet and herbal and sexy. I always get compliments wearing it.

Finally…a natural PERFUME
Finally…a natural PERFUME…not just a bunch of random oils tossed together in the same bottle and called “perfume”. I have been searching for a natural perfume that smells amazing… and I have finally found it. Moccasin Flower is absolutely beautiful. The fragrance unveils itself as it mixes with my skin and body chemistry and I love every delicious layer of this scent. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure when I sprayed it for the first time… it is so different from the toxic chemical formulas I’ve been used to wearing for so many years. I am so happy that I gave it a chance because I have never loved a scent as much as I love this one. Spraying Moccasin Flower is like spraying pure love and happiness onto my skin and in my hair. It is warm and fresh, seductive and playful all at the same time. Nadine, I don’t know how you’ve done this but please don’t ever stop. I have found my signature scent…I don’t ever want to wear anything else. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

Skippy little wood nymph indeed…
It’s amazing what this petal perfume can do. When I wear Moccasin Flower I feel my spirits lift and have an overall sense of happiness. The mundane tasks become less mundane. The scent reminds me a lot of bubble gum, but not in a fruity way. It’s truly hard to explain. Regardless, the scent is welcoming to anyone who catches a whiff when I walk by. I have gotten many compliments on this petal perfume. Keep the petal perfumes coming. They are such a masterpiece. I want every single one of them. Thank you, Nadine.
Living Libations
 Open Sky Eye Serum

 Living Libations Open Sky Eye Serum is a cool, rejuvenating dew that soothes the pineal gland, eyes, and brows. Frankincense, rose otto, and cape chamomile essential oils are blended with peppermint, virgin coconut and blue tansy to create a firming fluid that revitalizes eyes with just a few drops… More ( To view in our Canada Storeclick here)
Since my twenties I’ve always had crow’s feet/fine lines at the outer edges of my eyes (my mother too developed them at a very young age). Let’s just say I’ve tried a lot of eye creams over the last two decades, both high end and low end, commercial and natural products, and I have to say Living Libations’ Open Sky Eye Serum and All Seeing Eye Crème are amazing! The serum is very light, so there’s no way it can clog the fine pores around the eyes, and I love the choice of essential oils in the eye cream which have a nice cooling effect on the delicate skin around my eyes (perfect to use first thing in the morning, or if you are prone to water-retention or puffiness around the eye area). I actually keep the eye cream in the refrigerator to add an extra cooling effect that counters the hot climate and humidity here in Bali (perfect to do in the summer months if you want a cooling but moisturizing eye cream).

eye sight has improved!
Nadine! With one use my eye sight has improved! My thoughts have slowed down also. Had an outstanding rest last night and breathing more deeply. Theraputic? oh yes and it has just begun. TY!

I wanted to write to let you know that I ordered your “Open Sky Eye Serum” with my last order & all I can think of to say is that it is AMAZING! I actually intended to place my ‘regular’ order for dewdab & hand cream – but the Open Sky Eye Serum seemed to be ‘calling’ to me…so I ‘splurged’ & included a bottle of it in my order… I’ve been using it for about 1 week & WOW * WoW * wow! I LOVE it, I just use a drop or two to gently massage around my eyes-both in the morning & at night…strangely I find it both ‘awakens’ me in the morning & ‘calms’ or soothes me at night – perhaps that has to do with its effects on the pineal gland(?) Whatever the reason – I will not be without this amazing serum again! Thank you+*+*+*+ for the gifts you share with the world ~ Becky
Living Libations
Magnificent myrrh and merry mint have joined forces to create a perfectly potent – yet genuinely gentle – addition to our successful self-dentistry serums. Each of the ingredients in our magnanimous Mint & Myrrh Tooth Serum has been used since ancient times to care for the mouth, teeth and gums. Together at last – we bring these ancient essential extracts into an effective alchemy that bestows benefits to a healthy oral ecology…..More (To view in our Canada Storeclick here.)

work as intended
I’m a big supporter of all natural oral care products, especially the lineup from Living Libations and I can tell you that these products actually work as intended. I’ve had a love affair with their Healthy Gum Drops serum ever since trying it last year and this Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum is certainly no different!

gum healing
Hiya, I thought you might appreciate an update on the gum healing with the living libations products. I am happy to report that after switching from peridex (I hadn’t received the products yet) at about day 5 post gum surgery, my gums began to make remarkable leaps in healing. At the 2 week mark, I went to the periodontist and he said “you are a very fast healer”. I replied “I’ve been working hard on it. Would you like to know what products I am using?” He said “sure”, and sadly read the package and quickly gave it back to me. I’m not sure he took it in, but at least he’s been told about it. I used the enameler, tooth serum, and the gum drops and on the floss. I rinsed with salt water as well. I do these 3 times a day. At night I use a drop of the gum drops on a q-tip and massage into the gum line (about 45 seconds per tooth) at the surgical sight and then all over. Thanks!

Life Changer
This is delicious tasting and wonderful like Healthy Gum Drops and Yogi Tooth Serum! Nadine’s oral care system has helped me when top universities could not. I have a rare autoimmune disease that her products have completely turned around. Her commitment and devotion to creating pure products is changing lives for the better and I’m very grateful!
Living Libations
WWC October 2015
Activate Your Potential for Optimal Health

Are you ready to join hundreds of health enthusiasts from all four corners of the globe for our fourth Women’s Wellness Conference™? Back by popular demand, we have gathered together some of the most cutting-edge visionaries in women’s health who will be exploring critical mind and body topics including: hormone balance, anti-aging, nutrition, beauty, gut health, conscious relationships, mind/body connection, thyroid health, metabolic function, weight management, overcoming stress, immune system function, adrenal health, detoxification, and much much more!…Click here for more information.

WWC October 2015
Living Libations
Holist Oral Care Summit

80% of disease symptoms are caused by problems in the mouth, and millions are exposed to disease-promoting dental procedures every day!
Nadine - Holistic Oral Care Summit
34 of the world’s top experts will show you the best ways to improve oral health, prevent and reverse disease symptoms, and save you thousands of dollars in unwanted medical expenses. By attending the Holistic Oral Health Summit, you’ll learn how to identify, prevent and eliminate the roots of disease.

Oral health is the most overlooked health issue in conventional and integrative medicine, yet…
  • It’s possible to reverse cancer by properly eliminating oral infections
  • 90% of all heart attacks are caused by oral pathogens
  • Autoimmune disorders can be resolved by getting rid of toxic dental materials
  • Reversing gum disease can help you get rid of digestive problems
  • Root canal procedures increase your risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases
The Holistic Oral Health Summit is FREE online from

September 28 – October 5, 2015.

Register Now and join The Holistic Oral Health Summit for FREE
for more information click here.
Living Libations
Radiantly Alive
Living Libations
  Living Libations| Box 369, Haliburton, Ontario  K0M 1S0 | Canada |

Living Libations news and special… 15% off of certain products until the end of August 2015

SGC From our inbox to you From Living Libations… Special on until the end of August…

New Essential Oil
White Cypress Leaf Essential Oil
New Special Added – Labdanum Absolute
New Essential Oil Added-
(not on special)
White Cypress Leaf Essential OilWe are thrilled to welcome White Cypress Leaf Oil straight from the wild Australian outback. Lemony-fresh and oh-so-uplifting, this energizing oil is an activating addition to your salt inhaler, diffuser, healing balms, cleaning supplies, or for use as fresh forest cologne. White Cypress Leaf Oil has been historically used for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a TLC treatment for chest colds, congestion, and skin conditions…..More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)

Feverfew Essential Oil

(not on special)

Living Libations Feverfew Essential Oil harnesses the pure plant power of Tanacetum parthenium, a green shrub that boasts bright, daisy-like flowers with whimsical yellow centers.
The oil obtained from this plant is one of the best-known natural remedies for frequent migraine headaches, and has been studied in a variety of clinical trials by some of the top medical institutions in the world. But Feverfew Essential Oil is not just for migraine sufferers!….More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
(not on special)

Living Libations Boronia Absolute is a delicious, delectable fragrance experience distilled from the petals of the Australian Boronia shrub. Meek and unassuming at just a meter high, this shrub bursts with art-deco like flowers: a purple-brown on the outside, bursting with vibrant yellow on the inside. The petals form a cup shape meant to welcome pollinators, while the complex, fruity, floral aroma of the flower’s oil leaves bees no choice but to enter the sacred petal folds…… More (To view in our Canada Store click here.)
House of CITRINE
Interview with Nadine Artemis

Nadine's Interveiw at The House of Citrine

“Magical” only begins to explain the depth in which Nadine Artemis lives, where her unique perception and alchemical touches are honed to usher in some of the earth’s most vibrant and special offerings. Her self-care line Living Libations, handcrafted by she and her husband Ron, gives a powerful voice and vision to holistic skin and oral care. Nadine’s formulas for oils, chocolate, and self-care essentials have an origin as pure and natural as the spirit with which they’re created. Her work is inspired by her lakeside sanctuary in Canada, where the omnipresence of nature forms the alliances smoothed between person and plant and a perfect habitat for co-creation. Nadine and Ron, her partner and Chocolate Yoga guru, are honorbound to sharing their abundances of knowledge through their botanical channel, dedicated to serving the highest health to all who care to embark. We know you’ll enjoy our introduction to the arts and graces of Nadine, Ron, their son Leif, and their Joshua Tree family getaway…….Read Article

Living Libations Natural Health Care Products and Yummy Chocolate…. :)

Living Libations

LivingLibations is a Canadian Web-store passionate about spreading the use of  healthy products for our bodies, including Chocolate… 🙂

Nadine and Ron Co-owners of LivingLibations have been sharing their products on-line since 1999.

From the area of Halliburton, Ontario, Nadine and Ron introduced the world to healthy beauty and healthcare products. And Ron let his yummy chocolate bar on the “loose” …

Not only has this wonderfully unique pair, opened up the world to the use of natural products again, by doing so they are also “yelling” to the powers that be how important it is to understand the connection we have with nature and it with us. 🙂

Check out the following awesome product from LIVINGLIBATIONS

Real to the Feel Beauty

These are just a few of the wonderful beauty products available at

LivingLibations…. 🙂 

Hooray Hand Creme Hooray Hand Cream: $20:00  Good for hands, feet elbows and all the rough spots. 🙂 

Illuminating Rose Water Complexion Tonic

Illuminating Rose Water: Rose’s are so good for the skin… $20:00   

Organic Hemp Face Cloths Organiic Hemp Face Cloths :$6:00

RoseGlow Face CremeRose Glow FAce Cream $25:00

Sun*Dew  Transdermal Vitamin D CrèmeSun Dew transdermal Vitamin D Cream. $60:00

Ron’s Yummy Raw Source Chocolate: 🙂 

Pure Source Chocolate

Bliss. Like This.  Ecstatic Chocolate Bar  Bliss. Like This. Ecstatic Chocolate Bar $20:00

Vanilla Vibhutti - Chocolate Yoga Bar  Vanilla Vibhutti – Chocolate Yoga Bar :20:00

All bars are 4oz / 114 grams