Living Libations

LivingLibations is a Canadian Web-store passionate about spreading the use of  healthy products for our bodies, including Chocolate… 🙂

Nadine and Ron Co-owners of LivingLibations have been sharing their products on-line since 1999.

From the area of Halliburton, Ontario, Nadine and Ron introduced the world to healthy beauty and healthcare products. And Ron let his yummy chocolate bar on the “loose” …

Not only has this wonderfully unique pair, opened up the world to the use of natural products again, by doing so they are also “yelling” to the powers that be how important it is to understand the connection we have with nature and it with us. 🙂

Check out the following awesome product from LIVINGLIBATIONS

Real to the Feel Beauty

These are just a few of the wonderful beauty products available at

LivingLibations…. 🙂 

Hooray Hand Creme Hooray Hand Cream: $20:00  Good for hands, feet elbows and all the rough spots. 🙂 

Illuminating Rose Water Complexion Tonic

Illuminating Rose Water: Rose’s are so good for the skin… $20:00   

Organic Hemp Face Cloths Organiic Hemp Face Cloths :$6:00

RoseGlow Face CremeRose Glow FAce Cream $25:00

Sun*Dew  Transdermal Vitamin D CrèmeSun Dew transdermal Vitamin D Cream. $60:00

Ron’s Yummy Raw Source Chocolate: 🙂 

Pure Source Chocolate

Bliss. Like This.  Ecstatic Chocolate Bar  Bliss. Like This. Ecstatic Chocolate Bar $20:00

Vanilla Vibhutti - Chocolate Yoga Bar  Vanilla Vibhutti – Chocolate Yoga Bar :20:00

All bars are 4oz / 114 grams

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