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Astrological Event: Mars comes to visit with Leo

Date: August 8 to September 26 2015

Time: 7:32 pm (ET) 4:32 pm (PT)

What does it mean?

  • Mars is the male planet, he is action and can be aggressive, he can be rash and selfish, but also work in heroic ways to help us move forward, speak up for ourselves and others and pushes us to experience new frontiers. He is the ruler of Aries and corresponds to the head, the blood and the muscles. 
  • Leo is the “Hollywood” sign of the zodiac. He also likes the finer things in life, and while being a good leader, he can be bossy sometimes. 
  • Fun times with kids and or pets is on the agenda
  • This is a favorable time to take a vacation… and some of us may find it a challenge to be in work mode… 
  • If you are creative, use it, at work especially if you are finding it hard to focus on the job at hand… Use it in play, teach the kids and let them teach you… 
  • Take extra care when exercising, it’s great to be gong ho about our health, but strains and injuries are easy to do now. 
  • If you have a hobby and have been itching to find the time to get to it.. now is the time… stop the excuses and dive right in… who knows what the outcome may be… 🙂 
  • Gambling may be on the minds of some folk, if it is, remember to “play within your limit”… 
    • Sun in Leo
    • Mars in Leo
    • Aspects to the Moon or Mars:
    • Mars in the 5th house.
    • Moon in Aries
    • Sun in Aries
    • Mars in Aries
    • Ascendant in Aries
    • Mid-heaven in Aries
    • Moon in Aries


Copyright: Greta McKenzie astrology: 07-22-2015

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