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  • Astrological Event: Transiting Saturn turns Retrograde
  • Date: March 14 2015 to August 2 2015
  • Time: 11:02 am (ET) 8:02 am (PT)

What does this mean? 

Saturn is the planet of restriction, rules and regulations. He rules Capricorn. This is the planet that puts up the boundary’s and who directs us to do the “right thing”. He has a bearing on our public image and how we conduct ourselves in our work/career’s and vocation, he is discipline and responsibility.

When a planet goes retrograde, it appears from the earth’s perspective to be going backwards. Before the planet goes retrograde there is also a period of “slow motion” and stationary movement… and again when the planet begins to turn direct as it builds up speed to once again be in alignment with the earth. 

Some folk believe retrograde, slow and stationary movements of the planets can have an impact on our charts and on our daily lives… and others don’t give these movements much thought.  🙂 The SGC team figure it doesn’t hurt to include them… 🙂 

Saturn Retrograde: 

  • Not the best time for financial dealings, which may extend to property purchase’s too. 
  • Good for assessing the past, checking old lease agreements or business plans. 
  • New commitments and the beginnings of brand new projects should be put aside until Saturn goes direct again, however, if this is not possible, take extra care about what you commit to and be sure the excitement of the new project is making you “blind” to all that is involved now and in the future. 
  • Spend some time making improvements to the things you already know how to do… and while starting to learn something new isn’t recommended learning something connected to what you already know, will help with self-improvement. And Saturn, retrograde or not, should be happy with that… 🙂 
  • Get those drawers and cupboards sorted out and maybe the trunk of the car too… spend some time in the garage and finally get rid of the stuff that has been sitting there for years… sort through the stuff from the past, organize it and keep only what you need. 
  • While Saturn is usually a stickler for discipline and behaving correctly, he may be a little more lax in that area now, making this the perfect opportunity to back out of previous commitments without causing too much of a stink. 
  • It could be easier for some of us to say no during this time, so don’t hesitate, if it doesn’t feel right, or you just don’t want to do it, try saying no.. 🙂
  • Not a good time to start a new business
  • Get the past and present sorted out now, and when Saturn goes direct again you will have a clean slate to fill and your ability to be disciplined will be much easier. 

Saturn Turns Direct August 1 (PT) August 2 (ET)

What does this mean: 

  • Saturn is the planet of restriction and discipline. He helps us to do what must be and directs us towards the sensible route… 🙂 He is also fond of the elderly and sometimes with those in authority. 
  • When he is retrograde, we get a little bit of break from always doing what it right, or being on our toes.. relaxing some of the rules and regulations, can help us to view our world from within. It is an opportunity to make changes to the norm and shake up our “rational world”.. 
  • When Saturn once again becomes settled in his direct motion, it is likely we will once again feel the pull of responsibility and duty. However, we should feel happier about doing so, especially if we have gained self-awareness while he was “away”… 🙂 
copyright Greta McKenzie Astrology July 21 2015

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