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Plant Life: Watch where you walk…. itches, burning and sometimes scars… when contact made with innocent looking plants…

SGC Admin: Check out the following plants that are known to cause negative reactions when folk come into contact with them..

Giant Hogweed  Heracleum mantegazzianum , phototoxic plant in the umbellifera family  Stock Photo - 29606749 Copyright : Jens Stolt: Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed: Human reaction to contact: Symptons occur within 48 hours: Painful Blisters that can sometimes leave purplish scars that can last for years. Keep Away from eyes, may cause temporary or permanent blindness

Flower from the Apiaceae family cow parsnip.  2 Stock Photo - 41083458 Copyright : Melissa Poe : Cow Parsnip

Cow Parsnip: Human reaction to contact: Stem and Leaves contain chemicals that enhance the sun’s rays upon the skin and can cause sunburn. Can cause burn like blisters and dark spots: Wash the juice off the skin right away and were long sleeves for a few days.

Meadow in blossom with white wild flowers parsnip on blue sky  Stock Photo - 17858716 Copyright : Irina Afonskaya

Wild Parsnip: Human contact reaction: The same as Cow Parsnip

White Bishop flower  -Queen Anne s Lace - closeup Stock Photo - 30680102 Copyright : peogeo: Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace: Human contact reaction: Exposure to sunlight may aggravate a reaction.

Umbel of the Real angelica, Saxony, Germany, thermal Wiesenbad Stock Photo - 24730120 Copyright : Erich Teister

Angelica: Human contact reaction, this plant has long been used for medicinal purposes, but may (on some people) cause dermatitis and serious photo sensitivities if used externally.

source: Whitby This Week July 22 Edition:

Their sources:


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