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  • Event: Red Tent Gathering
  • Date: May 23 2015
  • Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
  • Location: The Sacred Loft 182 Wellington St W. Bowmanville.
  • Admission: by donation only ($5 suggested.) Donations may be monetary donation, time donation (set up & take down), a healing, red pillows, red scarves or fabric, a craft for the gathering, food or an item for the altar.
  • What’s it all about:  “Around the country and across the world, groups of women are coming together to create a safe, nurturing and healing space by women for women. Join us to celebrate all that it is to be a woman. To share stories, poems, songs and dreams. To sing, dance, create, nap, listen and be nurtured. To come home to your inner goddess and your true self while celebrating the magick of our moon cycle and power of our ability to give life. To open yourself to the beauty and power within all of you in all of stages of your life.”
  • Who can go: “*All women welcome! Bring on open mind & an open heart!”
  • **Note**: “*You are invited to wear red (or pink, white or purple) to this event”
  • |More information:  Red Tent Temple Durham Region

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